Danny and the Darach

No, I don’t ship them…


No, seriously, I don’t. Ew.

How did the Darach know Danny was researching telluric currents?

Harris tried to push Danny away from this area of research and I doubt he would have said anything to endanger Danny’s life since everyone loves Danny.

Could this suggest that the Darach (or someone helping the Darach) was or is a teacher, or just that the Darach has eyes everywhere, always watching…

What even sparked Danny’s interest in Telluric currents? Jeff has mentioned that Danny’s last name has links to the moon, and since telluric currents is affected by lunar phases, does this hint at Danny or his family being involved in the supernatural in the near future.

How did the Darach get Danny to unknowingly eat mistletoe?

It couldn’t have been mixed in with food since when Danny threw up there was no food along with the mistletoe. Plus, the mistletoe was eaten in chunks, that would be hard to miss when chewing.

The only way I see it being done was if Danny ate the mistletoe while under a trance, similar to Lydia in season 2, or Danny could have believed he was eating something else when in actual fact he was eating the poisonous plant, a hallucination similar to 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ where Heather hallucinated seeing the bottles of wine falling.