How Lydia is immune and how her powers work.

Chris: You know my family has done this for a long time. Long enough to learn things like how a certain level of electric current can keep you from transforming. At another level you cant heal, a few amps higher no heightened strength. that kind of scientific accuracy – it makes you wonder where the line between the natural and the supernatural really exists.

The reason why Lydia is immune is actually ingenuous in its simplicity. Lydia is immune because the telluric currents run through her; which are geomagnetic forces and magnetism can cause electricity. Electricity stops a werewolf from essentially being a werewolf and so thus Lydia is immune.

These currents might not literally be electric currents in the normal sense of the world but instead in a more spiritual way. Especially as it is considered a ‘pseudo-science’ in the Teen Wolf world. So telluric currents are spiritual ley lines and Lydia can read them and/or attracts them.

In 3×07 ‘Currents’:

Morrell: Actually I’m trying to help you because if you’re  going to find my brother then you need to use the one person that might actually have an ability to seek out the supernatural.
Stiles: Lydia!

How is Lydia supposed to seek out the Supernatural maybe via the telluric currents?

At Comic Con Jeff Davis had this to say:

One of the most interesting facts about the most recent episode was the telluric currents. Which is the more scientific version of what is referred to as ley lines; spiritual currents that people believe run through the earth that can have a center sometimes. The druids actually called it the axis mundi; the center of the world. We learn a bit more about it in 3×08.

Now Lydia has drawn trees twice so far and the axis mundi, the center of the world, is often depicted as tree. It has many names from Yggdrasil, to Thor’s Oak and is present in some form across many mythologies. The ancient Celtic Druids also viewed the Oak tree as the ‘Tree of Life’ at the center of the world. As I have written about before, Oak, was seen by them as a doorway to The Otherworld.

lydia tree


The axis mundi is also where the four compass points meet being both a geographical and a celestial center but what is of interest here is that the cardinal directions in Celtic Mythology corresponded to the four elements and at the center, the cross roads where they meet, was the fifth element spirit. Also of note is the fact that the axis mundi doesn’t have to always be a tree. Sometimes it is a rope, a mountain, a pillar or a person. The Vitruvian Man represented  the exploration of the human body as the axis mundi through mathematics. Lydia is really good at math she might figure this all out.

The question is what is the axis mundi’s connection to Lydia???

Well I think Lydia in 3×06 ‘Motel California’ gives the most clues. In this episode her power/skill seemed to manifest itself but what exactly is it? First when they arrived Lydia said  “I don’t like this place” like she could sense something bad.

Now the interesting thing is that when she heard the couple that committed suicide she heard it through an air vent and as she was listening an air current was blowing through the vent because we saw the ribbon flapping and it stopped moving after the memory(?) of the suicides stopped.


The next mysterious thing that Lydia saw were faces in the wood grain of the wall.


Then she heard another old suicide through a drain and realized that someone would be drowning presently.


Finally when she pushed Stiles and co. out of the way to save them from being blown up in the gasoline she saw what I think is the Darach in the flames.


So  during 3×06 if my deduction is correct and I’m not just pulling things out of my ass. Lydia felt,  heard or saw things through the five elements: spirit, air, earth (wood), water and fire.

In my mind these could easily be the spiritual ‘telluric’ currents that run through the earth and all around us but if this is true then it would maybe make Lydia the axis mundi? Or at the very least she will know how to find it and use it as the axis mundi is the gateway to other worlds. Maybe she is some kind of guardian? Or the key?

Another thing that is of interest, that connects to the axis mundi, is the fact that Lydia was hearing the deaths of people in the past (as denoted by the newspaper clips in each room’s bible) but claims not to be psychic, and Jeff says so too but can he be trusted.  The axis mundi is connected to knowledge of the past, present and future. Anyone or anything suspended on the axis between heaven and earth becomes a repository of potential knowledge and Lydia is definitely very smart. Also the image of a human being suspended on a tree or a cross, like in a crucifixion, locates the figure at the axis where heaven and earth meet. And in 3×07 ‘Currents’ Melissa McCall briefly mentions crucifixion in relation to the sacrifices of healers which I found interesting. But yes Lydia was tapping into knowledge of the past via the telluric currents.

Also I believe that Deucalion has more than definitely had some dealings with the Axis Mundi and the other worlds because he sort of seems to parallel the Norse God Odin. Odin gave up his eye for knowledge of the past, present and future and Deucalion seems to have future knowledge as it was hinted at in 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ by the mysterious no named girl “because I know something, I know you’re afraid of him; of the man that he will become ” and Deucalion “I am aware of a certain potential threat”. Plus his signature weapon was also a spear and Deucalion’s stick has a spear head to it. This is however a totally separate (though equally interesting) post so I’m shutting up now.

In fact I have also wondered if this relates to the spoiler of how Lydia and Scott cement their relationship and what she can do for him. If you’ve read the episode synopses for the rest of 3A you will know that they are going to perform some kind of ancient, and dangerous, ritual to stop Deucalion and his sinister plan. I’ve wondered if this could be helping Lydia helping Scott cross over to The Otherworld via the axis mundi she might act as a sort of spiritual guide like with Peter but in a much less creepy way.

Incidentally I have also written a post on the meaning behind the bank symbol before and now I am thinking that it could be symbolic of the axis mundi. It’s a Celtic Cross also known as The Cross of Elements and the black triangles are pointing towards the center. Now if as I thought before they do actually represent water and fire then there is this:

“In Druidic cosmology, the center of the world has three parts: Well, Fire, and Sacred Tree. Often, we think of the Tree as the axis mundi, but it is not the only center in ritual. Indeed, all the hallows are a center, and they combine to form the center. The center is not complete with only the tree, for while the tree grows high and is rooted deep, it cannot devour our sacrifices as the fire can, nor can it carry our voices to the depths of the earth as the well can.”

Equally though they could literally just be arrows pointing towards the axis mundi. The number three is important to the Celts, as we have learnt in Teen Wolf, and they divide there cosmos into three parts but it doesn’t matter what these divisions are so much just that there are three. So if there are going to be other dimensions there will be three and fire and water (to things very prominent in Teen Wolf and this season) may help to get there idek.