What Scott’s tattoo means (its a goodun).

Derek: Yeah I see it – two bands right? What does it mean?
Scott: I don’t know…just something I trace with my fingers.
[3×01 ‘Tattoo’]

scott tattoo trace

Ether small

I always found it interesting that Scott traced the tattoo because on a flat surface it gives a totally different perspective to how it is on his actual arm from three dimension to two dimension.

Then in this weeks episode 3×07 ‘Currents’ we had this:

Erica: Boyd what do you think will happen to us on the lunar eclipse? They last for hours you know…because it’s just the earths shadow. I wonder what will happen to us? Maybe it will make us stronger…I hope it will make us stronger!!!

Boyd: You know a solar* eclipse I always wondered what that felt like for one of us; for a werewolf?

Guys!!!!!!!!!!! Looooook!!!!

solar clipse

This is a solar eclipse and what does it remind you of????? I hope you are all thinking Scott’s tattoo :)

Mythologically speaking solar eclipses were believed to be anything from omens of the end of the world, to a way to predict the future, the cause of sickness and disease and so on – it was a significant occurrence. A solar eclipse with a ‘ring of fire’ as seen in the photo above is a annular eclipse but if a solar eclipse happens in teen wolf I think it’s more likely to be a total eclipse where the moon completely blocks the sun.

Right! So, you know how one band of Scott’s tattoo is thicker than the other and how when he drew it in the dust he drew the outer line with two fingers? Derek may have said two bands but imagine that it’s actually three bands: the earth, the moon and the sun. Just the bands that represent the moon and the sun have no space between them because of the total eclipse.

Here is an updated version of Scott’s tattoo as he drew it:


But here it is from the side:

The moon only looks like it is the same size as the sun from a point of view on earth so Scott’s tattoo is symbolic especially in its two dimensional form.


Also interestingly solar eclipses really do have an effect on the earths magnetic fields.

Stiles: It’s a project on geomagnetic fields they flow through the earth and can even be effected by lunar phases.

In particular telluric currents, which flow under Beacon Hills, I don’t want to get technical because I will get so confused, but in simple terms during a total solar eclipse in the ‘dark zone’ solar radiation is blocked and this in turn supposedly weakens the strength of telluric currents. It relates to the flow of ions from the earth to the atmosphere blah blah you can read a paper on it here. I am trying to avoid to much science stuff but weather is also connected to geomagnetic fields and specifically lightening storms which have had a significant presence this season of Teen Wolf.  It’s all related and during a thunderstorm an electric field builds in the air but yes basically the increase in stormy activity this season I believe is connected to changes in the telluric current.

Remember what Chris said in 2×12 ‘Master Plan’?

Chris: Like a certain level of electric current can keep you from transforming, at another level you can’t heal a few amps and no heightened strength. That kind of scientific accuracy it makes you wonder where the line between the natural and the supernatural really exists.

The things that Teen Wolf is dealing with might be pseudo-science in our world but is probably ‘real’ in theirs. I wonder if a solar eclipse weakens a werewolf because of the electric currents? It’s possible I suppose that even an electric storm could have an effect because of the charge in the atmosphere? Erica wondered if a lunar eclipse makes a werewolf stronger and in a way it does. We know that already because of the Hecatolite (moonstone) that made up the bank vault.

Stiles: The walls of the vault are made with a mineral called Hecatolite it scatters the moonlight. Look it keeps the moonlight out they haven’t felt the full moon in months.

Essentially it was like an extended lunar eclipse, a shadow without moonlight, which is probably exactly why Erica was wondering. So if a lunar eclipse makes a werewolf stronger, more vicious, more out of control in a away then logically (form a werewolf supernatural perspective) a solar eclipse might do the opposite?

Now this might seem like quite a jump but all of this actually reminds m of the first promo we got for Season 3:

Teen Wolf Season 3 First Promo This Might Hurt[18-15-16]

Is this symbolic of something breaking free because the telluric currents weaken; the Darach maybe? Or if not the Darach then whatever that fugly thing is that we keep seeing. In my mind the currents are like ropes keeping bad things away but something is coming and I don’t think it can be avoided.


So now that we know what Scott’s tattoo means ;) the question is why was he tracing it in the first place? Unconsciously tracing something with your fingers is not that different from automatic writing (my post on this found here) !!! Actually it is pretty much the same thing and if it’s not a message from the spirits it’s from Scott’s subconscious. Who else has a connection now to automatic writing? Lydia!!

Lydia: Automatic writing?
Stiles: Lydia what are you doing? What the hell is that?
Lydia: A tree.

So is there  a connection between Scott and Lydia? If images are coming to both of them ‘magically’ why? Well Scott and Lydia were technically bitten by the same Alpha maybe they are linked because of this? Lydia might not have turned into a werewolf because of her immunity but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be bonded in some way?

The images could be filtering through from the werewolves collective unconscious (post on this found here) and the reason why they are of the future is because they are coming from a place outside of time (but that is a completely separate post but I’m not nuts there have been clues to this all over the place) like the Akashic records in mythology which exist on an astral plane and contain all human knowledge. Would explain why Lydia is so smart!

Spoilers certainly seem to be hinting at something with: Ep309 has a Scott/Lydia scene that cements where the future of that relationship can go, how she can help him.

And in 3×07 Ethan said:

Ethan: We knew that one of them was going to be important to you, and know we know that it’s Lydia.

With 3×08 being called Visionary I think vision of the future can be a thing?? Maybe?? Although it’s less seeing the future and more a future memory.

Anyway Lydia keeps drawing trees and while I was hunting for pictures of a solar eclipse I found this one:

Which actually reminded me of this:

tree credits

Every time I’ve watched the credits I’ve always wondered what the weird blotches were around the tree now I think they are actually stars and I am fairly certain this is a tree in the middle of a solar eclipse.

As I have written about before, in Celtic Mythology, trees (specifically Oak) were considered to be doors to The Otherworld. Beacon Hills is a place of power because of the telluric currents that run under it. Which we know the Darach is using in a sort of magical way to transport sacrifices.

At this point I am quite positive that the Darach isn’t in this world yet either trapped in The Otherworld or the ether between worlds (werewolf purgatory hehee) but can exert it’s influence at certain spots that coincide with the telluric currents and is using basically minions to carry out it’s work in this world – possessing them.

The Darach needs the solar eclipse to break through to our world. If this actually happens and the eclipse really does weaken werewolves it’s the perfect time to attack them so maybe this is what Deucalion is trying to prepare himself for?

I’m just going to stop here because I could literally write forever. Hope you enjoyed my rambles here is one last tidbit of information that might be of interest. The moon is round and round mirrors and circles have been fucking everywhere forever subtly or not so subtly imprinting on us.

* It’s hard to tell whether Boyd is saying solar or lunar but I think solar after listening a few times and considering this question to Jeff Davis in one of the Q&A’s as both are mentioned which means he has definitely thought about it.

This questions is not relevant to tomorrow’s episode. Just curious as to what would happen to all of our favorite wolves during an eclipse. Lunar or solar?