Wolfsbane in the Water of Beacon Hills

We know that Wolfsbane can be used to cause the hallucinations of fears among other things; like with Lydia’s cocktails in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed’. Although that time it had an effect on everyone not just the werewolves. It could have been the difference in the manner of ingestion, they were inhaling it this time, or maybe it wasn’t strong enough to effect the humans. It even might have been a different strain.

Lydia: Wolfsbane!
Stiles: So every time the Coach blew the whistle on the bus, Scott, Isaac, Boyd…
Lydia: And Ethan.
Scott: We all inhaled it.
Allison: You were all poisoned by it.
Stiles: So that’s how the Darach got in their heads. That”s how he did it.

Curiously this has actually made me think of something from 3×01 ‘Tattoo’. What Scott said after the deer ran into Lydia and Allison’s car.

Scott: No it was scared. Actually it was terrified.

The animals in Teen Wolf are acting messed up and if Scott’s werewolf senses are to be trusted they are afraid.

Sheriff: I’ve had 15 calls in the last hour. I got suicidal deer, birds flying through windows, pets behaving aggressively. I got to tell you I’m starting to think there’s something in the water.   

Then Deaton showed the Sherriff the cats that had killed themselves in their cages and I noticed the fact that they have their water feeders.

water feeders

What if there is actually something in the water??

I struggle to believe that the animals went crazy just as a result of the Alpha pack because the Alpha pack have been in Beacon Hills for months and it’s only now (well the start of the season) that the animals started to behave funny. Just because Scott compared the animals behavior to the deer the night that he was bitten by Peter doesn’t mean that the two things are actually related. In fact he’s probably wrong because this was before he had any idea that something else is going on but something else is definitely going on.

The Sherriff’s line about the water was such a throwaway line that I paid no attention to it until after 3×06 ‘Motel California’. Le me explain why (with a ramble).

The Wolfsbane in Finstock’s whistle poisoned the werewolves and it’s not 100% clear whether the Wolfsbane itself caused the hallucinations or whether it just weakened the werewolves enough to make them susceptible to the Darach’s influence at the Motel.

Regardless one of the things of interest (to me) is the fact that Scott started to bleed black blood in 3×05 ‘Frayed’.

Stiles: No he’s not healing, I think he’s actually getting worse, the bloods turning a black color.

When Derek was shot with a Wolfsbane bullet by Kate in 2×04 ‘Magic Bullet’ he vomited black blood so there is a connection to being poisoned by Wolfsbane. But in 3×06 ‘Motel California’ Derek was also bleeding black blood and as far as we know he wasn’t poisoned by Wolfsbane.

Jennifer: You’re bleeding black blood.

Same goes for Ennis.


However I might have an answer to why they were bleeding black blood as Derek said to Scott in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed’ that it’s possible for a werewolf to get to hurt to heal. Maybe when a werewolf can’t heal their blood turns black?

This makes sense for Derek and Ennis as they were both quite severely hurt but Scott was just scratched. He wasn’t healing for psychological reasons but even so his injury wasn’t life threatening. It wasn’t until after he was on the bus and Finstock started to blow his whistles that his condition began to severely deteriorate. He began to bleed again and then the blood turned black and this could easily have been because of the Wolfsbane – maybe it exacerbated his condition?

scott black blood

Everything is ambiguous enough that it’s not clear what is causing what. I feel pretty confident in saying that yes Wolfsbane poisoning can cause black blood but so can Mountain Ash poisoning and in the case of Jackson the bite itself was like poison; he bled black blood because his body was “rejecting the bite”. So I have no idea if Derek and Ennis were bleeding because they were severely injured or because of Wolfsbane?

Maybe all I can actually say is the poison (of any kind) causes black blood in werewolves. (Poison is going to be important in Teen wolf because remember the “I’m the Poison” promo).

Is there Wolfsbane in the water???

Honestly we have no real evidence that this is true but I’m suspicious and ‘water’ has played a big part in Teen Wolf as an element and it could explain why the animals are acting up because technically a werewolf is an animal…maybe this is what had the deer so terrified and pet’s aggressive. Like how the Wolfsbane on the bus effected Boyd and made him more aggressive.