Why is Lydia immune?

Lydia’s immunity literally bothers me so much. I hate unanswered questions because they drive me crazy…the kind of I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-the-unanswered-questions-in-this-tv-show kind of crazy.

So I’ve thought about it and thought about it a bit more and then some and then some more and came up with ridiculous answers. Bashed my head against my  desk, bashed it against the wall, bashed my keyboard.

Until today when I think I actually came up with a reasonable and plausible answer.

What do we know for a fact?

  1. Lydia is immune to the bite of a Werewolf.
  2. Lydia is immune to the venom of the Kanima.

Lydia is perhaps immune because of mithridatism.

Mithridatism is the practice of protecting oneself against a poison by gradually self-administering non-lethal amounts.

An interesting bit of mythology that is connected to this is that of the Vish Kanya from Indian folklore.

The myth states that girls were made poisonous by exposing them to low-intensity poison from a very young age, a practice referred to as mithridatism. Although many of them would die, those that did not developed an immunity and their body fluids would be “poisoned”, and poisonous; sexual contact would thus be lethal to other humans.

In mythology these ‘poison maidens’ were sent to seduce enemies and um kill them with their bodily fluids – essentially they were assassins. Now while I don’t think sexual contact with Lydia is necessarily poisonous. It is interesting considering what Jackson said in 2×03 ‘Ice Pick’:

Jackson: Whatever it is. Blood? Saliva? Whatever soul-killing substance is running through your veins; you did this to me.

ARRGGH?!!! Although they seem to be making a point of Lydia having a lot of sex this season so maybe the next thing we know they all turn up dead? O___O But I really think she’d use a condom!

The real question is if  someone gave Lydia immunity against supernatural poisons who the heck did  it and how?? And why??

We know that Peter Hale knew that Lydia was immune because he admitted it in 2×07 ‘Restraint’ :

Peter: But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in life, it’s to  always have a backup. That would be you. Your immunity makes you a perfect Plan B. You wouldn’t turn from the bite. You wouldn’t die.

But we don’t know how he knew. Although Peter makes it his business to know everything so maybe he knew and didn’t tell anyone else?

This is only part of the mystery surrounding Lydia anyway and I don’t know how it is all connected?? :((((