Was Lydia drawing a tree because of Automatic Writing?

So Lydia zoned out in 3×04 ‘Unleashed‘ and wandered, without realizing, into a music class that she wasn’t supposed to be in. Then drew a tree and it absorbed all her attention to the point that she didn’t notice her surroundings.


The fact that she was drawing a tree in an episode where it is revealed that Druid means ‘wise oak’ and that whoever is behind the murders is probably a bad Druid otherwise known as a Darach in Gaelic which in turn means ‘dark oak’. Probably not a coincidence.

So why was Lydia drawing trees? Is she a Druid?

She is pretty smart with her 170 IQ so I’d classify her as ‘wise’ but Stiles seems to be the one with Druid powers because in Celtic Mythology all the wonders of magic are performed by will, imagination and faith. Sound familiar to the quote from Season 2 “imagination is more important than knowledge” doesn’t it? It is essentially the tenent to which Druid magic adheres too.

If Lydia isn’t a Druid then what the hell is going on?

The other clue in the scene is the shamanistic chanting that Lydia found on her phone and seemed to recognize. In mythology messages from The Otherworld are often received in dreams or trances and the chanting acts like a shamanistic call bridging the two worlds. Maybe Lydia is drawing the tree via automatic writing guided by the spirits or something?

Peter was dead and was able to communicate with her because he had a link because of the bite but now other spirits or things are using Lydia. Trying to communicate a message, perhaps taking her to the crime scene and sending her symbols in the hope that she’ll figure out what is going on. They are telling her the tree is important.

As a matter of fact Lydia isn’t the only one to draw a something of potential significance without knowing why they did it. In 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ Scott got a Tattoo and when asked what it meant he said:

Scott: I don’t know just something I trace with my fingers.


We know from spoilers that the reason Scott gave for the tattoo i.e. as a reward for not talking to Allison all summer isn’t the truth and that we will learn what it really means in 3×12.

I am wondering if it’s something that came to Scott in the same manner that the tree came to Lydia as the shamanic chanting has been associated with Scott scenes as well- he might not be able to hear it but we the audience can. Also of particular note is the promo where Scott  drowns himself to the sound of the chant.

In addition Scott is also connected to trees (note that in the promo his drowned self sinks past what looks likes some tree roots). In the new title credits he is seen floating upwards in some mist past tree branches.


Also there is a tree at the end of the title credits too.


Jeff Davis said in a recent Q&A session that if you had connected the tree Lydia was drawing to the tree in the credits then you were paying attention to the right details. So this is confirmation that these things are important but not how.

Well trees are important in Celtic mythology. For instance mountain ash comes from the Rowan tree and has magical properties in Teen Wolf and the symbol used to mark the jar containing it, Luis, came from the Ogham alphabet where every letter (give or take) is associated with a particular tree.

The Oak tree was the most sacred of trees to the Celts and it’s name in the Ogham alphabet is Duir which means door. Intriguing when the episode name for 3×04 was Unleashed. Has something been unleashed through a door?

Also the Oak trees roots mirror that of it’s branches underground and were considered a door to The Otherworld. So I guess we can’t be completely sure if Lydia was drawing branches or roots as if they were ‘branches’ they were bare.

I’ve peered closely at the trees in the opening credits and the one that Scott is floating past has leaves but the one at the end of the credits I’m not so sure about. I am trying to decided of the things dotted around it are leaves that have blown off or if behind the bare branches there is in fact another tree that has lots of leaves. Honestly I might be seeing things at this point.

I really don’t have much of an idea as to what this all means but to hazard a guess. The tree is representative of the axis mundi and offers a connection between two worlds, realms or dimensions. The axis mundi isn’t always represented by a plant but it is not uncommon especially in the Indo-European traditions. This includes Celtic, Norse and Vedic mythology.

Of special interest is the fact that Scott’s tattoo can be a symbolic representation of the axis mundi as it is like a pole with the realm inside the inner circle, the middle realm between the two circles and the outer realm outside the larger circle. What these realms actually are is more open to interpretation at this point but it could be something like earth, sea, sky which are the realms of the Gods in Celtic Mythology and the means by which you can travel to The Otherworld.

It might also explain why the human sacrifices have mostly been tied to trees as the tree serves as a way for the sacrifice to ‘get’ to where it’s supposed to be going if the tree acts as a passage between worlds.  The fact that this is all connected to Scott in some ways makes me think that maybe he is going to travel to The Otherworld and Lydia will help him. This might be what the spoilers have hinted at about to do with the two of them.