Mythology behind the Destroyer of Worlds.

“I am the Alpha of Alphas. I am the apex of apex predators. I am death, destroyers of worlds. I am the Demon Wolf.”

Robert Oppenheimer after the first atomic bomb was detonated remarked “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” He was actually quoting from the Bhagavad Gita which is Hindu Scripture and is seen as an allegory for the ethical and moral struggles within us all. Something the characters of Teen Wolf can relate too.

The phrase is uttered by Krishna in the text and translations vary but in essence he said:

“I am Time, Kala, supreme destroyer of the three worlds, here visible in the three worlds. Even if you refuse to fight, none of these soldiers will live.”

Krishna is one of the incarnations of Vishnu the Hindu Supreme God. Vishnu is part of the Hindu Trimurti which is akin to the idea of the triplicate in Celtic and Norse mythology. In the Trimurti creation, preservation and destruction are personified by the three forms of Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver, and Shiva the destroyer or transformer.

So Shiva is the form that is the destroyer of worlds. Interestingly Shiva is also depicted in stories as having a ‘third eye’ that when he is angry opens and shoots a missile of fire that can turn a person to ash. This is interesting considering when Deucalion was being a diva making this proclamation about being the Alpha of Alphas etc. He roared, he got angry and he shattered his glasses. Very much like something shot out of his eyes and broke the lenses!!!

Also, Kali, another one of the Alphas,  is the name of a Hindu God. In fact she is sometimes called the ‘devourer of worlds’ and is often considered the consort to Vishnu or in some cases is another aspect of him since her name comes from Kala the same as Shiva’s.

In addition to this The Demon Wolf in mythology could be the Norse God Fenrir. He is tied to a prophecy that states that a wolf and his family would one  day destroy the world. Fenrir was chased, caught, and locked into a cage to  avoid the catastrophe.

While on the topic of Norse mythology it may be worth noting that Deucalion in some ways could also represent Odin, Thor and Fenrir. Odin sacrificed his eye i.e. his sight for knowledge, Thor is associated with thunder and lightening and Fenrir is the Demon wolf.

Now lets quickly turn to look at the first part of what Deucalion said. “I am the Alpha of Alphas” and “I am the apex of apex predators”. The first part seems self explanatory. He is the leader of the Alpha pack but it is interesting because unlike in a regular pack he didn’t make any of them they aren’t his Beta’s and we know that there is usually a bond between an Alpha and the wolves that they turn.

Derek: It has to be you. You have a connection with him a link that you can’t understand.

So what is tying these Alpha’s together? It’s a mystery.

As to being the apex of apex predators. In the real world wolves are considered apex predators because nothing hunts them but wolves are genetically encoded to rise up the pack hierarchy and have on occasion been recorded to rebel against and kill their parents so they can hunt each other. However in the world of Teen Wolf I can’t help but wonder if this is a little bit of a boast because this is a world of supernatural creatures and if Decualion is to be believed then none of them hunt him.

Originally , and I don’t know if this has subsequently changed due to Colton Haynes leaving the show (probably), but the Alpha pack were supposed to have come to Beacon Hills because of the word of a Kanima. Now the Kanima could paralyze with a single scratch and I’m supposed to believe that werewolves are the apex predator? In addition there is an interesting thing about the Kanima.

Remember in Season 2 when Erica got slashed by the Kanima in the library? She had a full on epileptic seizure even though becoming a werewolf was suppose to have healed her of that particular affliction. So the Kanima could disable, paralyze even, a werewolf’s ability to heal – make them vulnerable and I wonder if this is linked to Deucalion’s blindness somehow? Although I do like the other theory floating around about Deucalion being the friend of Chris Argent that he shot in the head.

So there we have it. Deucalion has named himself death and the destroyer of worlds and used various mythology from across cultures to do so *eyeroll*. He has also bonded a group of Alpha’s to him by some means while we all sit around going “dude can’t you tell he plans on killing you all to grow to power of epic proportions”. Maybe they know this…

Still following me? I’m just getting warmed up :D

There is a supposed connection between Vishnu and the Celtic God of the sea called Manannan who has three legs comparable to the three strides of Vishnu.

In fact the symbol for Manannan is a triskelion like that for the Alpha pack. O___O




Manannan is the guardian of gates to The Otherworld in Celtic Mythology and also has strong ties to the weather and the mists between worlds plus healing and regeneration. Perhaps Deucalion is looking to heal his sight?


In 3×04 ‘Unleashed‘ Derek says to Deucalion:

“I know you. I know what you are; you are a fanatic!”

So Deucalion has an excessive single-minded zeal for a religious or political (werewolf) cause. It seems far more likely in this case that Derek meant a religious fanatic. As Deucalion has named himself after some impressive (and destructive) Gods.

Even the name Deucalion is connected to mythology and you do sort of have to wonder if it’s his real name or a name he took  for dramatic flair. Deucalion was the son of Prometheus in Greek Mythology and as the story goes Lycaon, King of Arcadia offered Zeus a meal containing human flesh. Zeus was so appalled that he let loose a deluge that flooded everything. Deucalion, with the aid of his father Prometheus, was saved from the flood by a chest. Which is a parallel to the Biblical story of Noah.

It has been raining a lot so far this season and the weather has been emphasized in the show so is a huge storm and flood coming? Is this the Alpha packs plan? Um? Something to do with Manannan and a flood?

Also hold up? Lycaon? Would this be the same Lycaon as mentioned in research by Stiles in Season 1? Um yes it would.


Not only did Zeus send the flood but also apparently transformed Lycaon and his sons into wolves as punishment. Thus Lycaon is considered to be the first werewolf. It was Deucalion’s job, in the myth, as survivor of the flood to repopulate the earth with his wife but they actually just threw rocks that became people so you know lala. It is clever how Jeff or I have whoopsies has linked a story about the origin of werewolves to Deucalion.

However, being the savior of the human race is quite at odds with being death and the destroyer of worlds isn’t it? So what does this all mean? There is an interesting dualism here especially as one of the themes of this season so far can be considered morality.

Peter: Let Scott deal with it. Let him be the hero of his moral black and white world. Real survivors – you and I – we live in shades of grey.

The Celts did not share our dualistic thinking, we perceive reality as divided into two opposites like good and bad. To the Celts these distinctions only appeared on the surface of things. Their spirituality revolved around the number three – the surface dualities were combined into an interwoven whole. Balance and harmony in the universe is maintained by recognizing these polarities and negotiating a third, or middle path, between them [1].

Deaton: the Celtic druids were close to nature – they believed they kept it in balance.

Little is really known about Celtic practices and ritual because so little was documents but Celtic deities were often triplicates: either one god with three aspects or three gods with an aspect each like the Hindu Trimurti. The number three, groups of three, three-fold death. Threes threes everywhere threes.

Deaton: If a druid went down the wrong path, the wise oak was sometimes said to have become a dark oak.

This quote by Deaton indicates that there is a wrong path despite what the person following it might think. I think this might link to what Jeff Davis has said about who we consider the ‘bad’ characters this season not necessarily seeing themselves as evil.

It is almost like Deucalion sees himself in more than one role. That of the survivor and the protector of the species but also the destroyer. Maybe he thinks that everyone and everything must be destroyed to be reborn or something which would fit with him being a fanatic or maybe he just thinks the end of the world is coming and he plans on doing something. He is essentially the embodiment of the moral war that is forever going on inside of us all.

If the Alpha pack aren’t the “something” that is coming maybe they are actually preparing to fight whatever it is.

I feel like Stiles.

Stiles: …missing pretty much half the story here.

Although maybe all my research has clued us in a little more….or maybe not.

To summarize. Deucalion thinks that he is a God or the God. He wants all of the power for himself and he wants to drown the world and sail off in his little wooden chest boat. L.O.L no seriously though xkgjhslkjhglkdjf