In 1×04 ‘Magic Bullet’ Derek scratched the back of Jackson’s neck. As a consequence Jackson suffered aconite poisoning which kind of makes sense because Derek was shot with a Wolfsbane bullet at the time. He also suffered from hallucinations and nightmares as a result; nightmares of Derek’s old house and the fire.

1×09 ‘Wolfs Bane’

Jackson: I’ve been having dreams. Nightmares. About a fire it’s in this house and I can hear screams and there’s…

1×10 ‘Co-Captain’

Jackson: This house – it’s the same house. I’ve dreamt about this place. I remember the staircase, I remember these walls. I remember everything.

Derek obviously didn’t intentionally transfer the memories in fact I’m not sure he was even aware of the skill at the time. As in 1×10 ‘Co-Captain’ he looked surprised when Peter ‘shared’ his perspective of the fire with Scott via claws to the back of the neck.


And more recently in 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ Derek admitted that:

“He  [Peter] knows how to do it. I don’t. It would be more dangerous if I tried to do it myself.”

All this memory related stuff occurred in Season 1 but it’s importance is only now coming to the forefront in Season 3.

We were told in 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ that Isaac’s neck wound was “from their claws it’s how they share memories and also how they steal them.”

Then in 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ this was reinforced by Peter who said it’s “an ancient ritual used mostly by Alpha’s since it is a skill that requires quite a bit of practice. “

How long has Jeff Davis been planning this memory stuff and what does it mean???

Well I have this feeling in my gut/boobs that Derek might have actually been in the fire he just doesn’t remember. Whatever he accidentally transferred to Jackson via the neck scratches in 1×04 ‘Magic Bullet’ certainly seems to indicate so because Derek was supposedly at school when the fire happened yet Jackson was having dreams about it and people screaming. In the same way that Isaac forgot what happened to him because of the Alpha’s but the memories were still in his subconscious. Derek may have been witness to the fire and just doesn’t remember but the memories are also still in his subconscious.

If this is true who could have wiped Derek’s memories and probably Laura’s too? What was wiped? Just memories of being in the fire or memories of other survivors like Cora? Who could have done this and why? Was it for nefarious means or to protect them? Although do they not realize “you survive as a pack”.

My first reaction was that it was Peter and for nefarious means.

Peter also looked at the scratches on Jacksons neck in 1×05 ‘The Tell’ and they glowed pink or possibly blue but the red lights made it look pink?

glowing neck

Peter for someone who was supposedly so angry about what happened to his family in the fire that he takes revenge on all those that hurt them showed surprisingly little care for his remaining family. He murdered Laura, never raised a hand to help Derek and Cora who? Why do I love this man again?

Peter escaped the fire by the tunnel under the house but Kate knew about this tunnel because she took Allison through it in 1×10 ‘Co-Captain’. I have lots of questions about the Hale house fire one of them being how you could possibly trap everyone in a fire in the first place? Can’t the werewolves just punch through a wall to escape? Do you think Kate and co. used Mountain Ash?


So if Kate knew about the tunnel why wasn’t it blocked or something? Unless it was left open for a reason? Was it left open because Peter was supposed to escape?

Peter is a bit of an enigma, he’s so hard to figure out, and his motives still quite mysterious so much so that my mind naturally goes to him first especially as he is skilled in the memory manipulation/reading stuff. I even thought that maybe he accidentally put himself in a coma doing it.

But then I paused for thought and I’ve come up with a new theory!!! What if Peter was not the one to manipulate Derek’s memory what if instead he was paralysed by someone doing it to him?? This doesn’t mean that he wasn’t involved in the fire though. Doh!

3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’

Peter: One slip and you could paralyze someone or kill them.

Who did it!!!!!

Talia? Cora? Derek’s father? Deucalion???