The Twin Combo

One twin enters the other to create a super giant alpha… pretty cool.

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40322

Magic seems to be involved in their transformation, blue energy stitching them together – but how did this happen. Is it something they could always do, or where they created that way?

The twins literally stitch themselves into one, making me think that they are them heavily involved in episode five where Jeff has teased the word “suture” in relation to the episode – maybe this is the episode one of the alpha twins die in – or maybe this is the episode where one twin goes against their other’s wishes.

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40719

We established from the theory post on psychic werewolves that the twins could possibly have a special telepathic connection between the two of them, this explains how they move so in-sync. This could explain why we’ve hardly seen them speak, there’s no need to when they can talk to each other using the powers of their mind! The trauma of losing their twin will drive them mad, and as a result become useless to Deucalion and killed.

I find it odd how they match, not just in the clothes and motorcycle sense, but in their movement too. They seem to be very dependent on each other.

This makes me think that the giant they turn into is their true form and they were split apart for some reason (I’ve still not given up on the Alpha Pack being from the future so the twins are genetically modified super soldiers!)

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What are the actual benefits of turning into one, other than being larger? Staying as two makes them faster and gives them the advantage of possibly outnumbering their enemy. The term two heads are better than one has been mentioned in the show before and makes me wonder how the giant alpha’s mind works – do their minds become one somehow, does it become heightened, or is the giant’s mind reduced to simple brute force?

The most important question to all of this: where does the other twin’s trousers go when he enters his brother and are they going to strip everytime they combine?