Lights Flickering – Psychic Energy

Continuing on from this post on werewolves being psychic, we’ve now seen lights flickering in response to strong emotion; in 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ when Isaac slipped into a trance like state, the lights flickered, almost as if he was causing it.

Isaac was in an altered state of consciousness, and in this state, psychic phenomena has a greater chance of occurring. When Isaac is lowered into the ice bath and the lights begin to flicker, Deaton doesn’t seem to be alarmed at this, his only concern was to calm Isaac – as if he knew it was linked to Isaac’s emotions – so as always, Deaton knows so much more than he’s letting on.

If Isaac did cause the flickering of the lights, this shows how receptive to psychic energy he is – as well as this, maybe this acts as a trigger to Isaac being able to tap into his psychic side in his normal state.

Or it could have been spirits or beings unknown wanting Isaac’s memories to remain hidden. It could be a sign that spirits are nearby like in Supernatural – their energy disrupting electricity. When Isaac says “They’re here,” maybe he doesn’t even mean the Alpha Pack but something he could see in that moment that’s not from our realm, but from the Otherworld. This also links into weird ghost-like faces I’ve seen a screencap of – or this might be what Lydia mentioned in 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ and simply be seeing patterns that aren’t really there.

The fact that either Isaac or an unknown entity has an effect on electricity could have significance in 3×07 ‘Currents.’

Or we could just go with the boring approach and say that the lights were flickering for dramatic effect.