How long have the Alpha Pack really been in Beacon Hills…?

How long have the Alpha Pack really been in Beacon Hills. At the end of 2×12 ‘Master Plan,’ we find out from Peter that the Alpha Pack are already in town, just how long they’ve been in town, we don’t know.

teenwolf0212-1478They marked the door of the Hale House around April and they didn’t act for four whole months – the Alpha Pack are patient, I bet they’ve read the Art of War. If they can wait four months to make a move, who knows how long they’ve been in the shadows, watching their enemy to get the upperhand.

We think the Alpha Pack have been in Beacon Hills since at least the beginning of season two (late February) – Beacon Hill First National Bank was closed for years, so they could have hidden out there for quite some time and went unnoticed in their recon.

Speaking of recon, we think the Omega we saw cut down by Gerard was an AP spy. In fact, who knows how many spies they have watching them, why do the watching when you can get someone else to do it for you.

The Omega somehow knew there was a new alpha in the area – what I want to know is the range in which other werewolves can sense another’s presence. It may only work in finding out the general vicinity of the alpha and not their exact location since it was so hard for Derek to pinpoint Peter as the alpha. As well as this, we know from Jeff, that some alphas can hide their werewolf identity since Scott didn’t figure out that Deucalion was an alpha.

Peter mentions that the shift in power – when there’s a new alpha, people take notice; this is why Derek was so eager to give people the bite to strengthen his pack.

Peter: “Why do think Derek was in such a hurry to build his pack. So eager to strengthen his power and his number, there’s a new alpha people take notice.”

If this is the case though, shouldn’t the Alpha Pack have arrived way back in season 1 when Laura was killed by Peter? Stilinski does mention to Stiles in 1×10 ‘Co-Captain’ that incidents involving animals have increased, that something was driving them out of the woods:

Stilinski: “I checked with animal control, did you know the incidences of wild animal reports are up 70% over the past few months. It’s like this – this has just gone crazy – running out out of the woods.”
Stiles: “Or something’s scaring them out.”

We’re assuming the animal behaviour is linked to the Alpha Pack when it might even be a separate thing altogether. It might be a case of misdirection – Scott linked the deer from the pilot to the suicidal actions of groups of different animals.

Back to the A Pack, what if the deer running scared in the woods from the Pilot was due to the Alpha Pack lurking around? If this is the case, what were they waiting for, why didn’t they approach Peter and want him to join the AP. Unless Peter was able to hide the change in alpha somehow – Peter knows things.

How long the Alpha Pack have been in Beacon Hills, we don’t know; what their intentions are, we don’t know that either – that doesn’t mean we’re not going to try and figure it out.