Recap: 3×01 – Tattoo

Isaac is found close to death by a mysterious girl (MG) who jumpstarts his heart. His memories have been tweaked/stolen by the alpha pack and they’re not safe as the alpha twins chase Isaac and MG as they try to escape on a motorbike. The shots of the twins chasing them are so bad. So bad.

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Isaac falls from the motorbike and the twins rock up, take off the jackets and one enters the other while Isaac watches. I’m just wondering how it all works and where the other twin’s trousers go. It would have been more realistic if they stripped butt naked. I’m just saying.

The alpha twins are now a giant alpha werewolf. MG electrocutes the giant, it squeals like a pig and then disappears…

Scott wants to get a tattoo, he even drew a picture. Stiles is a bit squeamish and faints. In the car, Scott pulls off the bandages and the tattoo disappears into his skin – Stiles is happy it’s gone since he hated it.

Lydia and Allison are on their way to their double date. They stop at a red light and Stiles and Scott stop beside their car. An awkward moment ensues as Allison sees Scott and Scott sees Allison but then a deer slams straight into Lydia’s car wind shield.


Basically all the animals in BH are having a bitch fit.

Isaac and MG are brought to the hospital. Melissa’s there and MG says she needs to speak to the alpha. Melissa assumes she means Derek, but after Melissa’s out of hearing range, MG reveals the alpha she wants is Scott!

Speaking of Scott, the next day we see him reading a book while simultaneously doing chin-ups. He drops down to find that the word of the day is ‘ephemeral.’


Meanwhile, at the Argents’ new house, Chris smiles and the audience faint. We come-to to find Chris and Allison hugging.

Stiles is researching deer related car incidents – the website he’s looking at knows the future since it has statistics from 2012. The Sheriff literally drags Stiles away as he tries to cling to his beloved laptop. Don’t worry, laptop, Stiles will always find you.

Lydia loves and leaves a guy in her bedroom and heads to school. Her headboard has changed back to the one she had in season one, in case anyone cared.

Scott rocks up to school on a green motorbike. Our little Scott is growing up, no more bicycles! Principle Thomas is back he pulls out Gerard’s sword which I’m sure we’ll be seeing again!

Lydia and Allison are by the lockers where she tells Allison that she loves her. Also, the alpha twins walk in and Lydia thinks wants one as a distraction, but enough about that because Lydia told Allison she loves her!


Melissa checks on Isaac’s wound which is healing. Derek isn’t picking up her phone calls (rude) and when asked if he has any other emergency werewolf contacts, Isaac tells her to call Scott. It cuts away where Isaac then admits to Melissa that he’s in love with her son.

In English class, all the students get a text from Miss. Blake, who’s trying to show how cool she is. Points for trying. Unfortunately, she makes them all turn off their phones so Melissa can’t reach Scott.

At the hospital, Kali visits Isaac to help him sleep – she doesn’t want him getting in the way again. Unfortunately for the great Kali, when she goes to MG’s hospital room, all she finds is a handcuffed officer. She actually growls.

Scott gets excused from class after Melissa phones the office. Miss Blake warns Scott not to make a habit of leaving school not seeming to grasp to concept of a family emergency.

Stiles notices Lydia has a bandage on her ankle, her dog bit her and that’s never happened. Stiles thinks something’s up – something’s coming, something bad. Lydia mentions Stiles and his dad’s one’s an incident, two’s a coincidence phrase and as she reaches three, a fucking murder of crows smash through the window and attack the students.


Isaac is in the operating room but there’s no more wound so Ennis wheels Isaac away. His claws ripped his gloves.

Everyone in the class is recovering from the bird attack and the Sheriff asks Chris if he knows anything about this since he’s overhead Stiles saying that Chris is a hunter. Stiles pretends he hasn’t heard anything and continues texting Derek. Chris says that he doesn’t hunt anymore.

Scott goes in the lift and Deucalion stops the doors from closing with his white cane. Scott doesn’t sense that he’s an Alpha for some reason. As Scott is about to leave the lift, Deucalion holds Scott’s shoulder and wants him to lead him.

Scott finds Ennis wheeling an unconscious Isaac into a lift. Scott leaps in after him and they fight while Isaac rolls around. Ennis tells Scott that he’s an alpha and Derek arrives, pissed that Ennis stole his line so throws him out.


He then turns to Scott and asks him why he’s not in school and laughs internally because he’s fucking hilarious but he has to keep a straight face.

Derek carries Isaac back to the Hale House, Scott comes along. Isaac’s wound hasn’t healed on the inside (whatever that means) and Derek needs flowers found at the house. Scott thinks this is the best time to ask Derek about his tattoo issue.

Lydia and Allison are still in school when MG arrives and asks after Scott – she knows Allison by name. The alpha twins are watching and MG grabs both Lydia and Allison’s wrist, leaving a bruise.

Sheriff goes to Deaton to try to find out what the hell is happening to the animals in town. There must be something in the water. Deaton has a problem of his own – the cats have killed themselves. Meeouch.

Derek uses his alpha eyes and sees Scott’s tattoo beneath his skin. He suddenly has x-ray vision!

teenwolf0301-1960Stiles tells Derek a tattoo means to mark something and winks at Derek. In Samoan, a tattoo means an open wound, Scott apparently wanted the tattoo because even though it hurt, he stayed away from Allison; the tattoo is his reward.

Stiles takes the moment Derek lights the blowtorch as his cue to leave but Derek touches Stiles chest to make him stay. Derek burns Scott’s arm and it hurts like fuck. Scott blacks out for a while and we wonder what Stiles and Derek did while he was out. Scott now has his tattoo.

MG ends up in the locker room where she fights the alpha pack. Deucalion supposedly kills her – we don’t actually see it, but blood spatters on the lockers. Before she dies, she tells Deucalion that she knows he’s afraid of ‘him’ – of what he has the potential to become.

As Scott and Stiles leave the Hale House, Scott notices the new coat of paint on the door.


He claws at the paint until he sees the symbol beneath and Derek finally tells Scott about the pack of alphas.

Allison and Lydia realise the bruises on their arms make a pattern. We see the symbol on the floor of an abandoned bank where Boyd and supposedly Erica hold hands.