Harris involved in the bank robbery

In 1×09 ‘Wolf’s Bane’, when Harris is speaking to Sheriff about Kate and the necklace, as well as mentioning that he has the knowledge of how to cover up arson, he also said that he knows how to melt away the lock of a bank vault. It can’t be coincidental that it just so happens that a vault is featured in this season.

“How you could melt away the lock of a bank vault, how you could dissolve a body and get away with murder…”

I think Harris was involved in the bank robbery mentioned in 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’. I don’t know how this can be tied into the main storyline, but there’s more to Harris that meets the eye. He’s a bank robber (or at least had a part to play)!

I’m now also convinced that Harris has killed someone, will kill someone, or help someone get rid of a body using SCIENCE!