Gerard’s Sword is Excalibur!

Ever since watching 2×01 ‘Omega’ and seeing Gerard strike his sword into the ground after killing the Omega, I was convinced his sword is Excalibur.


The fact that in 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ they reminded us of the sword’s existence (did it get longer?) makes me even more certain that there’s something special to the sword – it might not be the Excalibur, but it does have a significance other than being really sharp and pointy. It’s magic.


Excalibur was said to be able to cut through “iron as through wood” and we’ve seen Gerard use the sword to cut people in half. Earlier in the same episode (2×01 ‘Omega’) Chris mentioned how doing so requires a lot of strength – strength which I thing mostly came from the sword.

It was said to have either come from the Lady of the Lake, or pulled from a stone (though others say they were different swords) and Celtic legends suggest that once the user of a sword has died, they have to toss the sword into a lake – this makes me wonder if there’s something hidden under the waters of the lake we saw Jackson emerge from in 2×01. Also regarding the lake, the sword’s scabbard was said to protect the wearer from harm, this was supposedly stolen and thrown in a lake. Even if it’s not the sword or scabbard in the lake THERE IS SOMETHING HIDDEN IN THE LAKE!

As well as this, it’s said that Excalibur is made from meteor iron… HECATOLITE!


Researching Excalibur led to finding out about other magical/mythical swords.

Most interestingly, in Norse Mythology, a sword called “Gram” which means “Wrath” was the sword that was lodged in a tree called Barnstokkr by Odin himself. We know trees are of significance in Teen Wolf – the mountain ash as well as oak being mentioned. The sword was said to be forged by Wayland the Smith who has links to Beowulf the man who killed the Grendel – and the image on Wikipedia makes the Grendel look a lot like a werewolf – it resembles the Beast of Gevaudan to me.

Here’s a list of other magical swords from various folklores and legends.