Meagan Tandy’s character still alive?

I really hope so. She was pretty badass.


When she saved Isaac, we don’t know where she was headed – to Scott or to her secret hideout. I hope it’s the latter since I’m sure the set would be cool…

Maybe her character is kept so mysterious that we don’t even know her name has significance because her name will be mentioned in another episode but we won’t know it’s Meagan’s character they’re talking about – or a character already knows her by name so wouldn’t be able to connect the dots so easily.


What’s interesting about her is why she would she risk her life for someone she doesn’t know – well, at least Isaac doesn’t know her. Isaac didnt’t even get a chance to thank her for everything and I’m imagining a heartfelt scene where he’s finally able to.

We never did actually see the Mysterious Girl die – all we see was Deucalion raising his clawed hand and blood spatter on the locker.

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