Alpha Pack Symbol #2 [magical bruises edition]

So the Alpha Pack already have a Symbol #1.

alpha pack

But in 1×03 ‘Tattoo’ right at the very end we see Boyd and Erica kept captive in some kind of abandoned bank vault. We know that the Alpha pack probably captured Boyd and Erica because we saw that at the end of Season 2 in 2×12 ‘ Master Plan’.

However it is possible that they have been turned over to someone else for questioning/torturing/or whatever. On the floor is the symbol below – I think that maybe it’s been painted there because I don’t know why an abandoned bank vault would have such a strange symbol on its floor?

Why do the Alpha pack have two symbols? Well the first symbol could be for their pack and the second symbol is about their endgame – whatever the hell it is that they are up to or involved in.

modified cross

This is the same symbol that the mysterious girl with no name left on Allison and Lydia in the form of a bruise. Although turned nighty degrees.

bruised cross

So here is what I could figure out.

So this is the symbol.

alpha symbol #2

If you remove the black triangles and close up the ends it is Celtic cross.

celtic cross

This is an old symbol with various meanings across cultures (before it was adopted by Christianity) some of the most common ones being that each arm represents one of the four elements:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

In the past this was called the ‘Cross of the Elements’ as these elements were considered to be the basis of the universe. Elements are important to Teen Wolf as they are used thematically each Season. Jeff Davis has tweeted about it but I can’t find the tweet I am so annoyed.

Now what about the black triangles?

celtic cross 2

Well sometimes triangles are used to describe the four elements.


Which would make the two triangles represent fire (season 1) and water (season 2).

Why not include the other elemental symbols though? Maybe because a) if they did that the symbol would be easy to figure out b) they aren’t relevant? c) I’m just making crap up. Interestingly though when you combine water and air you get mist and I have some interesting theories about the use of mist this season. Read them here.

Now there exists a fifth element which is represented by the point where the  four arms of the cross intersect. It is called Ether (or Aether in Latin) and is in simple terms equates to Spirit. Five is an important number to Indo-European traditions; as the center of four things was considered the focal point of sacred energy.

Now I have seen Ether represented by two black triangles like this:

ether #2

But there is no universal way that it is drawn. Although interestingly the two triangles would touch at the point in the center of the symbol.

Also if we return to the original symbol.

alpha symbol #2

You have contained within this symbol this shape below.

ether #3

This is another one of the symbols for the fifth element Ether. As the Buddhists represented Ether as the symbol above a combination of a triangle and a crescent [1].

However the existence of this shape in the symbol could be purely coincidental (hahaha). Although I do think that if it represents the elements that it would in some ways represent the fifth element too. This could equally be done through the fact that it is an open symbol – open to the universe i.e. the Ether.

Alternatively you could look at the symbol to be a symbolic representation of a tree. Trees are possibly going to be quite important in the season to come and are now a part of the open credits.

Basically I have no freaking idea but I’ve had my best guesses and everything seems vaguely related.