Celtic mythology and the new Beacon Hill murders!

The main topics this post will touch on include:

The Number 3
The Threefold death

Mythology is important to Teen wolf.

Davis: We pull from several different cultures. What I like to do is, I say, embellish on the mythology. But I love it when you can look it up online, when fans can look online and see that these are actual mythologies, and we’re actually hewing pretty close to them in terms of their rules and their deities. I love research, partially because it’s a good form procrastination, but also because there are these tidbits of knowledge that make the scripts- they give it that much more depth [1].

And this:

Derek: It’s just a myth.
Peter: Sometimes myths and legends bury the truth.
[2×11 ‘Battlefield]


Trees are important in Celtic mythology. For instance mountain ash comes from the Rowan tree and has magical properties in Teen Wolf and the symbol used to mark the jar containing it came from the Ogham alphabet where every letter (give or take) is associated with a particular tree.

The Oak tree was the most sacred of trees to the Celts and it’s name in the Ogham alphabet is Duir which means door. Intriguing when the episode name for 3×04 is Unleashed (it’s teaser word was Oak). Is something going to get unleashed through a door? The Oak trees roots mirror that of it’s branches underground and were considered a door to The Otherworld [1].

Since teasers and spoilers for Season 3 have begun to surface there have been a lot more tree related things cropping up. First the image of the tree with the quadraspiral and the blood stains. Then that the word teaser for episode 3xo4 is Oak, Scott is seen with trees in the first teaser plus the new opening credits and finally in the Season 3 trailer someone has been murdered and is tied to a tree.

Did the Celts do human sacrifices. Yes they did. So is that what is going on here?

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40499

Then this conception drawing was released (compare it to the murder in actuality).

esus sacrifice

In 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ you have a conversation between Lydia and Stiles that includes this exchange.

Stiles: Maybe it means something is coming…something bad.
Lydia: What’s that thing you say about threes? Once, twice…?

The saying she is actually searching for is “bad things always come in threes.”

The number 3

The Celts did not share our dualistic thinking, we perceive reality as divided into two opposites (good vs evil, male vs. female, hot vs. cold etc). To the Celts these distinctions only appear on the surface of things. Their spirituality revolved around the number three – the surface dualities were combined into an interwoven whole. Balance and harmony in the universe is maintained by recognizing these polarities and negotiating a third, or middle path, between them. [1]

Little is really known about Celtic practices and ritual because so little was documents but Celtic deities were often triplicates: either one god with three aspects or three gods with an aspect each. Like the Triple Moon Goddess who sometimes represents the stages of life in the forms of maiden, mother and crone.  The Celts also partook in human sacrifice to a triad of deities using the threefold death.

The threefold-death

The threefold death comes in two forms. The first of these is a series or grouping of three deaths, each by a different means. The second is a single death by three different means simultaneously. The three means are hanging (or strangulation or falling from a tree), by drowning (or poison), and by wounding.

From the few existing sources it has been discerned that there were three Celtic gods who receive human sacrifices:

  1. Taranis
  2. Teutates
  3. Esus

Taranis was appeased and worshipped by burning, Teutates by drowning, and Esus by means of suspending his victims from trees and ritually wounding them!!! It is believed that the three distinct method of sacrificing, corresponding to the three gods, was an important part of Celtic ritual.

Now look what we have here.

1. Taranis: burning

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40706

2. Teutates: drowning

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40546

3. Esus: hanging

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40499

Interesting that all three deities have associated with The Otherworld, spirits and reincarnation/rebirth [1].


(Augury is basically divination)

So why do all of this? Why would the Alpha Pack murder without werewolfitude and instead as a possible Celtic ritual?

My guess is partly to tell the future.

“… and in very important matters they prepare a human victim, plunging a dagger into his chest; by observing the way his limbs convulse as he falls and the gushing of his blood, they are able to read the future [1]”

In the image of the boy hung from the tree you can see that the front of his chest is wet with blood it is quite possibly he was stabbed repeatedly in the stomach or his neck was slashed. In the casting script for the Alpha twins you have the following line and there is lots of emphasis on blood.

ETHAN Then you’re an idiot. Because if this all goes the way we think it’s going, we’re going to have to kill her. And it’s not going to be push her down a flight of stairs kill her. It’s going to be claw out her throat and watch a geyser of blood stream out of her neck kill her. You ready for that?

So why do all this? Well we’re only one episode into the new season but it does seem like the future is relevant as Deucalion is scared of the man that Scott will become and the mysterious girl called Scott Alpha and he isn’t yet.  Is this the product of Augury or something else?

Human sacrifices were also made to send messages back to the ‘Otherworld’, possibly to gods or the deceased. It is said that the sacrificed individual would be stabbed in the back or the breast, and then studied, as the moment of death was the point in which the earthly world of the profane meets the sacred otherworld. The message would then be returned to the examiners in the ways in which the dying would pass on [1].


Are the Alpha’s trying to bring something across from The Otherworld or thin the veil between worlds for a reason? Perhaps the Celtic god of Chaos considering the next episode is called 3×02’Chaos Rising’. This would certainly upset the balance of the universe that is so important in Teen Wolf. There are ‘three’ main groups of inhabitants in The Otherworld one of which are the Formorians (gods of darkness & chaos, appearing as monstrous, malformed humans). Could it be the first werewolf (origin story anyone)…I find them cute but someone might call them monstrous and malformed humans.

Also if Oak means door and its roots are a door to The Otherworld is this tree an Oak tree? Does blood need to be spilled on its roots to open the door?

I basically just can’t *lies on the floor*