What did Deucalion do to Scott’s head??

scotts head

Kara spotted this. When Scott is leading Deucalion from the lift, hand on his shoulder, suddenly Scott’s head drops. It drops like he’s become unconscious while upright and walking. It’s very weird.

What on earth is going on?

In 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ there actually had emphasis on the werewolf ability to feel emotions. Read more about this here.

Scott: It was like I could feel everything in the room, everyone else’s emotions..  [1×08 ‘Lunatic’ ]

Scott could tell that the deer that killed itself was terrified and he did this through touching its skin after the fact.  He was sensitive to what was left over by the deer’s fear. Werewolf senses are pretty advanced.

Peter: You’ve already…decided…I can smell it all over you! [1×12 ‘Code Breaker’]

What if Deucalion through touch was manipulating Scott in some manner?

Deaton: I’m sure you’re well aware of what your abilities can do for you. Improve strength, speed, healing; ever wonder what it could do for others? [2×11 ‘Battlefield’]

Or do to others (might be a misuse of power but they can still do it).

We also know that the Alpha’s can share memories (i.e. give them) and take them away. What if they can do this emotionally instead of with memories? We’ve seen many times in Season 1 werewolves influence the emotions of other animals – right from the 1×01 ‘ Wolf Moon’ when Allison ran over a dog. We’ve seen werewolves calming them, frightening them or agitating them. So maybe they can do this to each other too?

I have no idea. The way that Scott’s head hangs is just plain weird. There is no way you’d be walking along leading a blind man and do that is there? It has to have been done on purpose.