Dr. Deaton’s Jars

Dr. Alan Deaton our venerable veterinarian has a spice rack filled with jars, these jars have symbols on their lids and these symbols have been driving me completely cray cray. You have no idea how frustrating it is that we don’t have a clear shot of all of the tops of the jars.
However, this hasn’t really detracted me from searching out all the symbols and their meanings. I don’t know quite how I manage to do it; I seriously think links and relevant information magicked themselves out of thin air at times. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” feels mighty relevant now teehee.
Hours (an embarrassing number that I am keeping to myself) of research have produced results, please enjoy!

Note: as the Celts had an oral tradition nothing was officially recorded so the true meaning of most symbols have been lost. What I can offer you is just the most accepted and universal interpretation in modern times. 

deatons jar labelled

Okay so we have 12 jars and 12 symbols.

  1. Shield Knot
  2. Trinity Knot (Triquetra)
  3. Triple Flame (Awen)
  4. Spiral
  5. Quaternary Knot
  6. Wheel of Taranis (Sun Wheel)
  7. Triskele
  8. Infinity Knot (Lovers Knot)
  9. Trefoil Knot
  10. Quadraspiral (Shield Knot)
  11. The Letter L in the Ogham Alphabet
  12. Celtic Cross or Fourfold Solar Cross

Read on for more information on each. Speculation as to the properties of the contents of each jar found at the end on page 14.