The Mists of Avalon

In Celtic mythology there is a fairy mist though Jeff Davis said “no fairies” in his latest Q&A on tumblr but perhaps he only meant like little  flying fairies like Tinkerbelle? Or maybe he was lying? Anyway a mist is often a precursor to an entry into The Otherworld in ancient Irish stories.

In 3×01 ‘Tattoo’ Isaac said “something is coming” and he turns back and a freaky mist has appeared out of nowhere and then one of the Alpha twins comes running out of it. (The words “something is coming” keeps being repeated but technically the Alpha pack is already here so I don’t actually think the it refers to them).

mist 1

When mysterious girl-with-no-name electrifies the combined Alpha Twins form with her modified weapon they come apart and disappear suddenly and mysteriously into a mist.

mist 2

There is something up with this mist yo!

In the trailer Scott is rising up into some mist! Like hold onto the seat of your pants levitating werewolves!!!

scott mist 2

Now here is where it get’s really interesting we have seen magical mist before! Strain your brain back to 2×07 ‘Restraint’.

Lydia sees something through her gate and goes to investigate.

lydia mist 1

Her gate leads directly into some misty woods. She is momentarily confused because normally her gate leads somewhere completely different (like her drive and then the road) and when she looks back her house seems to be gone but she continues on anyway because that’s Lydia for ya!

lydia mist 2

In the mist she sees a house and goes to investigate because hey she’s in a misty wood that she has no idea where it came from and now there is a house she’s never seen before.

lydia mist 3

One things leads to another thing (some awesome music plays) and the end result is that Lydia is left alone sobbing in the burnt shell of the old Hale house. She is really there as well.

lydia mist 4

Whhhaaaattt? I am fairly certain she didn’t walk from her house to the Hale house in the middle of the preserve (which we know is not near any other houses) barefooted so the mist transported her right right???!!!!

This also actually explains how she managed to drag Derek’s body singlehandedly from the abandoned railway station all the way to the Hale house without anyone seeing them in ‘2×09 ‘Party Guessed’. It wouldn’t have been an easy feat it really wouldn’t have.

Add this to the Alpha twins appearing and disappearing into mist and what other conclusion can you draw other than magical mist? The mist takes them to The Otherworld (or the space between our world and The Otherworld) where space and time doesn’t behave in the normal manner allowing the transportation from one place to another quickly and mysteriously.

Lydia just doesn’t remember this properly because her head was so messed up at the time by Peter but I think she can use the mists because she is special.

“Something is coming; something bad!”

Yeah something is coming and it will come through the mist from The Otherworld!!!!

Am I crazy or am I crazy?