Time Travelling Alphas!

I jokingly compared Scott to John Connor from The Terminator. You know, how the Terminator goes back in time to kill John before he grows up to be the leader of the Resistance. The Alpha Pack are like the T1000s – we even got a similar scene from T2 with the twins chasing the motorbike!

We know that Deucalion has knowledge that Scott will become a powerful Alpha some day – someone Deucalion is even afraid of. There’s been suggestions of there being a prophecy surrounding Scott, but what if Deucalion has this knowledge because he’s actually lived it.

MG: “I know you’re afraid of him.” Deucalion: “Of a teenage boy?” MG: “Of the man he’ll become.” Deucalion: “I’m aware of a certain potential threat.”

I can’t imagine Deucalion being afraid of just the potential Scott has, I’m sure Deucalion has seen Scott’s potential come to life in another time.

Where do I even start?

What if Deucalion isn’t the leader of the Alpha back – what if future Scott is?!

Deucalion placed his hand on Scott’s shoulder this seemed like pack behaviour to me – the need for contact being a source of comfort. It was this scene which led me to start thinking about the possibility of future Scott being the leader.


Deaton’s advice that Scott shouldn’t fight them but lead them suddenly makes more sense. When I first watched the trailer I thought I was going crazy when my first thought was Scott should lead the Alpha pack and reasoned that the ‘them’ in question were his friends – but maybe it really was the Alpha Pack – maybe Scott’s the one who turned them so he still has a sway over them, even in the past, despite his being a beta.

Also, in the above screencap, Scott is literally leading him!

Deucalion: “Someone once taught me a very smart way to eliminate a threat: Get someone else to do it for you.”

What if it was future Scott who told him this – better yet, what if Scott once used this against Deucalion himself?

However, the way MG said Derek’s name – you can’t tell whether this was because it was Derek who taught him this or because he plans to use Derek to eliminate the threat. I mean we know Derek will be asked to kill a member of his pack but MG’s response was slightly ambiguous considering we’re thinking about things in terms of time travel.

But why would Scott want to lead the Alpha Pack?

If Scott in the future has gone to the darkside, the power from becoming an Alpha might have consumed him; this paired with a loss of someone close to him could have sent him off the rails – this could relate to the Teen Wolf promo where Scott is seen drowning himself – the Scott he drowned could have represented his innocence. The Alpha Pack could even have been sent back under future Scott’s orders – why – we do not know.

Either that, or Scott is still on the good side of the fight – in both possibilities still the leader of the Alpha Pack – but the Alphas we’re seeing now are the bad apples of  Scott’s future pack who’ve come to alter the past in a way to suit their needs against future Scott’s wishes/knowledge.

Perhaps the reason Scott got the tattoo was as a message from future Scott – he dreamt up the tattoo symbol and will slowly realise what it actually means. The tattoo might even act as protection or save him in some way.

MG shares a look with the Alpha Twins that suggest she knows them, may have even been friends – this supports the theory that that they were all in one pack under Alpha McCall’s leadership.

We assume that Allison is still around Scott in the future seeing as MG (Mysterious Girl) knew who she was, as well as this, we can assume that Isaac is in Scott’s future pack since she was willing to do anything to save his life.

Whether Scott does turn darkside all depends on whether you can imagine a world where our lovable Scott McCall can do bad, bad things. I’m cool with either way, though – a darker Scott would be amazing to see!

The fact that no one will guess they’re from the future explains the spoilers surrounding the true intentions of the Alpha Pack. We think they want one thing when in reality they want something entirely different – something we won’t expect since they have knowledge that we and the other characters don’t.

They each have different agendas, different things in their past they want to rectify – people they want to see or kill, places they want to visit.

Whatever reasons the Alpha Pack have for travelling back in time, Scott is important to their shared mission.

Balance and the Universe

Time-travel might seem out there in the Teen Wolf ‘verse, but considering that the further we look in the observable universe the further back in time we are observing – we’re literally seeing events from the past. Then universe has been mentioned in the show, so maybe all of that was priming for the introduction of travelling through time and/or worlds.

They could have possibly travelled using the mysterious mist – we see this during the motorcycle chase scene and where the twins suddenly vanish, or by going through the Otherworld – this could be what we see in the opening credits with the hands reaching out; mirrors could be a looking-glass into this world.

It’s been mentioned that the universe has ways of balancing itself: “You cant just break the rules, not like this. The universe balances things out, always does. Balance” [2×10 ‘Fury’]. Does being in an Alpha Pack and having all this power within one pack distort the balance in the universe?

If this is the case, why would Scott go against the balance and create the pack – has Derek’s words of power being everything finally gotten to Scott or did he have to abuse the laws of nature in order to defeat a greater evil?

MG and her role

We assume that MG isn’t a werewolf seeing as it took her much longer to heal but she isn’t fully human. What she did to Allison and Lydia suggests that she’s magical of some kind, and something Deucalion says to her makes me think she’s a genetic experiment. “Beautiful but defiant” – as if she wasn’t supposed to be this way – wasn’t built that way. MG held her own during the fight in the locker room; she’s had training and she has hidden strength.


Maybe she’s not even dead as we’re led to believe from the blood spatter on the lockers – she was leading Isaac somewhere and I hope we get to see where this was. I really would like to see her again – if only to find out her name!

Also, the fact that they mentioned that she had a “Modified military grade weapon” on her – maybe it’s not modified, but standard issue in the future. Looking at the screencap, it does look like she did a quick job of altering the weapon (see the duct tape on the nozzle) but the knowledge of how to create such a weapon could still come from the future.


On the subject of advancements this could also explain the enhancements we’ve seen from some members of the Alpha Pack – specifically the twins and how they merged into one – I even think the twins were genetically modified and split into two – when they transform into one, this is their true form. This could explain the opposites in personality.


Basically, the Alpha Pack and MG are from a future where Scott is an Alpha – and a powerful one at that. Scott could even possibly be the true leader of the Alpha Pack in the future and the Alphas we’re seeing now are either acting on Scott’s orders or they have broken away from the future pack and acting on their own accord.

Maybe I’m completely wrong and this is heading into the sci-fi genre instead of the supernatural, but thinking about it with what we know so far, it makes sense (at least to me it does). Even if this doesn’t happen, at least it’ll make a great fic!