Melissa’s Divorce and Scott’s Absent Father

The theory is right at the end.

Melissa and Scott’s dad, let’s call him Frank, must have divorced recently since we see Melissa wondering whether she’s enough for Scott after Harris questions the lack of a male authority figure in 1×05 ‘The Tell’ – “Yes, I think so. I hope so.” As well as in 2×07 ‘Restraint’ when Melissa questions whether Scott’s behaviour in ‘kidnapping’ Jackson was him acting out because of his father.


We don’t know the reason for the divorce, it could have been infidelity, long absences due to work, or just differences – we do know that Melissa believes that they’re better off without him, so this suggests that Frank must have been a lousy husband and father – or at least from Melissa’s point of view. However, the way Scott spoke of the dinner where he found out his parents were having a divorce made it sound unexpected to him, so his dad couldn’t have been that terrible, especially since he was competent enough for Scott to live with him – this is mentioned in 1×03 ‘Pack Mentality’ – “I know this guy. Yeah, when I used to take the bus when I — back when I used to live with my dad.” So why did Scott stop living with his dad – did he start a new family, or did he move abroad for business?

Maybe Scott had to live with his father because he kept the house in the divorce and Melissa didn’t have a stable home at the time – this could suggest that Melissa’s mother (who Jeff said Melissa inherited the house from) must have died in the months/year following the divorce so Melissa was then able to have Scott live with her or that for some unforeseen reason, his father had to give up custody. 

I have a feeling the divorce wasn’t as civil – Melissa telling Harris in 1×05 ‘The Tell’ that they’re “Much better off without him in the picture.” In 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’, Scott used the word litigious – “You don’t want her to sue. I hear this breed can be very litigious” – maybe it was a long process, dragged through the court in a custody battle which is why they’re struggling – or maybe Scott has a secret ambition to become a lawyer – or maybe he just watches a lot of Suits.

We can assume that his father is fairly well off since I doubt Melissa forked out how many hundreds of dollars for a MacBook Pro as well as his Blackberry (which Derek smashes). This suggests that his father may still be in his life, sending gifts every birthday. We see on various occasions Melissa is struggling financially, working crazy hours at the hospital – “One shift isn’t gonna break us. Not completely.” The driver side wing mirror is broken and has been for months, suggesting that money is tight, and Scott even has a part-time job working at the animal clinic.

I’m just glad Scott seems to be well-adjusted with no behavioural problems as a result of a divorce since in some cases, it’s stressful for the child, especially when they’re younger since it’s such a huge change. He loves his mum and is even willing to help out by working part-time as well as dealing with school, as well as the added stress of being a werewolf. I’m just glad Scott’s sketchy behaviour because of keeping his hairy secret won’t be attributed to the divorce now that Melissa is in the know.

If Frank – remember, that’s what we have named Scott’s dad for now – did leave the country for business, why will return to Beacon Hills. Does he want custody of Scott again? I’m sure Scott’s old enough to decide for himself and with everything going on now, Scott can hardly leave. Spoilers have indicated that Frank will have a large role to play not just in Scott’s life but in Beacon Hills as a whole – maybe Frank is FBI and he left Scott in Melissa’s care because he was in an undercover operation. Seriously, maybe Scott’s dad is FBI!