Please tell the Sheriff

I hate seeing the Sheriff kept in the dark, running around trying to solve cases which don’t have reasonable explanations. I’m dreading but looking forward to the day the Sheriff finds out and hope he finds out in a non-threatening non-life-or-death situation.

He has to have his suspicions that something isn’t right; the video camera footage from 1×05 ‘The Tell’ showing the Alpha rise up from all fours onto two legs definitely wasn’t a bear. The Sheriff knows something is up, something involving Deaton and Chris – maybe he even suspects Stiles and Scott – of course if he knew just how much of a dangerous situation Stiles is involved in, if he outright knew, he wouldn’t keep it a secret.

If the Sheriff was told about the supernatural world, he’d be really useful, being the Sheriff and all – just like how Melissa has turned into a real asset now that she knows.

Please tell him.