Stiles’ watch: gift from his mother?


I’m sure everyone’s noticed Stiles watch. It’s very nice. I think it was a gift from his mother – maybe given to him just before he died.

Maybe it’s engraved too.

I like the idea of objects having a deeper meaning – something that’s been right in your face all along which then suddenly becomes so much more than what it is – it becomes a symbol. The watch is the only constant thing on his person so it’s like he’s never too far away from his mum – like she’s with him always.

Just after she died, after she’d given him the watch – it was too large for Stiles’ tiny wrist – and even then, he was too afraid to open it up from its case, afraid he’d hurt it – damage it – scratch it. And he couldn’t take that. So he kept it on his chest of drawers, somewhere he can see it and just to know it’s there.

It probably took him ages to finally take it out of its case – and now he never takes it off.

I imagine that when things get heavy, too emotional – when things around him take its toll, he sits in silence and just plays with the strap of his wrist watch and remembers his mum – her laugh, her smile, her everything. It’s a calming influence on him.