Stiles’ Jeep

Don’t freak out, but Stiles’ Jeep doesn’t have seatbelts!

For real.


This is an accident waiting to happen and I’m surprised Stiles’ dad hasn’t forbidden Stiles from even looking at the Jeep let alone drive it even if the Jeep maybe did use to belong to Stiles’ mum. Aren’t there laws about seatbelts in cars?!

The Jeep is very, very, very minimal. I don’t even think it has a speedometer – there’s just the steering wheel and the gearstick and that’s it.

Where is the stereo!?


The seats do look comfy though…

…even if they don’t have headrests.

Safety issues aside, we know Stiles’ Jeep is a girl and that she grinds in second. She’s been treated badly a few times, but not by her owner – Peter Hale, first off, ripping off her hood and taking out her battery (Stiles was so mad); Scott using the Jeep as a punching bag when talking to Jackson was stressful (when isn’t it); and Erica again, taking out parts that didn’t belong to her and using it as a weapon against Stiles.

One time, Stiles called his Jeep a piece of crap, but he didn’t mean it. He loves her really.

Mainly used to take Stiles to school, in her spare time, she saves lives and fights crime; she’s basically a superhero.

I need to know what Stiles has named his Jeep. I know he has, he’s had to. Is it Betty or more adventurous – I’m thinking the latter.