♪ 2 Become 1 ♪ The Alpha Twins : A new kind of werewolf transformation?

carver twins

This was in TV Guide:

“One is a little more animalistic and brutal, but the other can take a lot more pain,” says executive producer Jeff Davis (who is also a real-life twin). “We have these interesting scenes where we see that Charlie, who plays Ethan, can take a beating — and enjoy it!”

So why don’t either of them seem happy? “There’s a little secret to them that I can’t tell you about,” Davis says, hinting that whatever is going on in this electrifying scene represents “a new kind of transformation for these werewolves.” Shocking!

A new kind of transformation, eh? They don’t seem to be enjoying it do they? At first I thought that the blue sparks were electricity but electricity doesn’t normally actually do that does it? So it’s probably magical energy instead?

Anyway check this out from the Season 3 trailer. I fiddled around with lightening the image for contrast but it’s from about 1.16 mark in the clip and now you can clearly see what is probably the hulking form of an Alpha wolf in its full on beast shape. GRrrrrrrr.

Except it has two freaking spines! Two of them!


What I want to know is if it has two heads?

I am guessing that this is the new kind of transformation for the Alpha Twins. It is interesting that Jeff hints that it hasn’t happened before – I wonder why. What does a werewolf have to do to transform into it’s beast shape?

Kind of awkward if every time they transform they become a weird conjoined twin wolf thing; also probably quite painful too. I wonder if this happens because they were Siamese twins that were separated at birth or for some other reason?

Twins in mythology are often considered two halves of the same whole with a bond deeper than ordinary siblings. From what we know of Ethan and Aiden so far they seem to be very dualistic. One being the brains and one being the brawn, one liking to dish out the pain and one liking to be given pain, one into women and the other into men. Yup yup very interesting.

Of course no post would be complete without some myth research!

Greek Mythology: Orthrus [1/2/3/4]
He was the brother of the three-headed dog Cerberus who guards the gates to the underworld. Orthrus was killed by Hercules. Cerberus is typically depicted as having three heads but it should be noted that sometimes they are also depicted with only two.