Was Peter’s Dark Past Alpha Pack Leader?

This post also includes information on pack hierarchy (Alpha, Beta, Omega) and the transference of power between werewolves – plus a few other things. I believe the background is important in understanding Peter and his potential motivations.

We know Peter has a dark past:

will we know more about Peter past in the flashback episode?

Yes indeed! And it is a very dark past. (Source)

Ok so if he wasn’t the Alpha packs leader he might have just been in the pack but come on it’s Peter Hale – he would want to be leader!!!

Even though the Alpha pack reveal only came right at the end of 2×12 ‘Master Plan’  it was implied that Derek and Peter already knew about them and had for a while. That Derek had built his pack not because of the hunters (well not only) but because of the Alpha pack.

Peter: Why do think Derek was in such a hurry to build his pack, so eager to strengthen his power and his number? As a new Alpha people take notice.

The Alpha pack comes after new Alphas, why? To recruit them into the pack somehow? To what end for what purpose?? It’s probably connected to the something that is coming! Eeek.

Maybe Derek knew about the Alpha pack because of ‘stories’ told to him by his uncle Peter? Maybe he even has experience with them before? When Laura inherited being Alpha, after her family died, wouldn’t the Alpha pack have come after her then as she would have been a ‘new’ Alpha?

Unless she and Derek hid out in New York and never became a real pack? Remember you need three werewolves to be a pack so they both just sort of flew under the radar if that is possible? Or maybe they normally come after Alpha’s with no pack? Assuming that usually a new Alpha would inherit an already established pack.

So if Peter was an Alpha in the past before he took it from Laura in Season 1? What happened? Wow I ask a lot of questions. 

Even though all the werewolves in the Alpha pack are Alphas – Deucalion is still their chosen or appointed(?) leader. In an ordinary wolf pack if a wolf challenges the leader and loses they usually are exiled from the pack and become an Omega. What if Peter challenged Deucalion and lost or equally what if he was leader and Deucalion challenged him and won?

Derek: It’s a spiral. Reminds us that we can all rise to one or fall to another. Betas can become Alphas but Alphas can also fall to Betas or even Omegas (2×09 ‘Party Guessed’).

So Peter slunk back to his old pack metaphorical (or literal) tail between his legs and they let him back in because he’s family? It was implied in the webisodes that the whole Hale pack doesn’t necessarily live together but were gathered specially for a ritual on the Wolf Moon when the fire occurred. The pack seems more like an extended family that includes Alphas, Betas and Omegas and it’s impossible to know what standing in the pack Peter had before the fire.

peter hale

Also doesn’t Deucalion sort of remind you of Peter or vice versa? In Season 1 Peter wanted Scott to kill his friends to join with him in 1×07 ‘Night School’.

Scott: It wants me in its pack but I think first I have to get rid of my old pack.

Stiles: The Alpha doesn’t want to kill us.
Scott: It wants me to do it.

Sound familiar? (from the Season 3 Trailer)

Deucalion: I’m all about discovering new talents.
Derek: You want me to kill my own pack?
Deucalion: Noo I want you to kill one of them. Do that and I won’t have to ask you to kill the others you will do it on your own.

Also in 1×03 ‘Pack Mentality’ :

Stiles: It’s got to be a pack thing.
Scott: Whatdoyoumean?
Stiles: Like an initiation do the kill together.
Scott: Because ripping someone’s throat out is a real bonding experience?

Even in 1×10 ‘C0-Captain’ Peter still implied that Scott should join with him and that to do that he should kill his friends.

Peter: Scott I think you’re getting the wrong impression of us, we really just want to help you reach your full potential.
Scott: By killing my friends?
Peter: Sometimes the people closet to you can be the ones holding you back the most.

This idea that your friends and family hold you back is a belief of Peter’s that is echoed again through Lydia in 2×05 ‘Venomous’. If Peter really was a part of the Alpha pack at one point did this mentality of his influence the rest of the Alphas or was it the other way round? Peter certainly seems to have the same mind-set and some of the same character traits as Deucalion plus they share a love for playing mind games and a flair for the dramatic.

However  despite this I don’t think you actually have to kill anyone to ‘join’ a pack as Derek has also continuously wanted Scott in his pack and was happy with just his word when Scott ‘agreed’ in 2×07 ‘Restraint’ to join.

 Scott: I’m going to help you stop him as part of your pack.

Pack dynamics and hierarchy is confusing…..read on for my attempt at understanding it.