When do born werewolves first transform?

derek hale

I’m sure you have all been wondering about this as we have been wondering it eeerrrrr. We have certainly come up with a few theories. Randomly chatted about what happens if you turn while you were pregnant or if werewolf kids spend the first part of their lives as wolves and so on (we had fun honestly). Also werebaby fics are so freaking cute!!

However I was rewatching 1×05 ‘The Tell’ and noticed something interesting. When Kate is torturing Derek at the old Hale house they have a conversation about lying.

Kate: You think I’m lying?
Derek: Wouldn’t be the first time.

She tells him to listen to her heart introducing the fact that werewolves can distinguish whether someone is lying by changes in their pulse something that has been shown more than once in the show and an ability that Derek has.

But if he has been fooled by Kate’s lies in the past then doesn’t it indicate that when Kate seduced a younger Derek he didn’t have the ability to tell when someone is lying? His basic instincts about her were waaaay off.

Which would mean that at age 16(?) before the house fire, Derek, a born werewolf, had not yet come into his powers. This in turn might mean that for those that are born werewolves their first transformation is related to age/puberty? It occurs at a specific time in their lives.

We know from the webisodes about the rites of passage on the Wolf Moon.

“When I connected the woman to the werewolf myth I found that there were differences between those born and those bitten. Those families that were born into it were said to have a ritual once a year on the Wolf Moon. They call January the Wolf Moon because hungry wolves would howl outside the villages in mid winter. It’s like a family reunion, they would get together and form rites of passage, they would draw power from one other. Supposedly they were stronger together in packs, the Alpha, the Beta’s and the Omega’s, the lowest of the lows they all each contributed the strength of the pack.”

I have a feeling that maybe Derek didn’t want to be a werewolf, that he was trying to run away from his family, obligation, duty, tradition the whole shabang, he wanted to be ‘normal’. He obviously didn’t believe that hunters were dangerous and ‘fell in love’ with one.

Derek: No-one cares that you drive an expensive car, no-one  cares that you have perfect hair and no-one cares that your the captain of the lacrosse team.
(1×10 ‘Co-Captains’)

This quote from Derek contains more than a little self hate. He might be talking to Jackson but he’s also talking about himself. I get the impression that when Derek was 16 he was basically just like Jackson though perhaps without the insecurities. It will be interesting to see in the flashback episode whether this turns out to be true or not.

So thus I suppose that Derek might have feared or resented the responsibility, duty and obligation that came with his first transformation. He was enjoying being a young teenager, popular and cool and didn’t want to go through all the difficulties associated with turning because it would disrupt his life so he rebelled, he thought he knew better and he paid dearly.

I can’t decide if this fits with how strongly Derek now feels about the bite being a gift in 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’. I guess it does because of how much guilt he is carrying around inside. He has told no-one about Kate for all these years or how he was involved in the fire. Yet he’s had many years to torture himself about it, to tell himself that if he hadn’t tried to reject his heritage, had instead honoured tradition and his family etc etc it would have been okay. A long time to convince himself of the mistake he believes he made and that anything to do with being a werewolf is a ‘gift’ and not something to be taken lightly. In his eyes a lesson learned horribly. 

Could this related to why Derek’s eyes are blue? If a born werewolf doesn’t get their rite of passage maybe their eyes remain blue. Whereas this doesn’t apply to bitten werewolves. Jackson might have had blue eyes because he could have been linked to Derek (he remembered the fire) and this had some kind of influence. To be honest as plausible as this might sound my gut tells me the blue eye thing is something else. Or is it….I need to think about this more ha.