Things in Teen Wolf you never noticed before


So I was watching 1×03 ‘Pack Mentality’ and spotted this girl and seriously it is so freaking creepy. She is just standing there not moving at all, her arms just hanging limply by her side. As soon as you notice her she feels so out of place next to all the dynamic doctors and nurse, bustling around, and if this was a movie she’d totally be the kind of creepy girl that you’d follow down a corridor.

Now Scott wasn’t actually looking at her he was looking towards the door of the injured Meyers Garrison (who was an insurance investigator into the Hale fire) but why did he suddenly turn around? Did he suddenly get a tingling in his wolfy sense? Could he smell his scent through the door without it carrying on winds and recognise it from the school bus?

It’s incredibly weird because once you see her it really seems like the camera is focusing on the girl and not the door, right?

Random girls may be important because there was also the screaming/crying girl in Lydia’s hallucination in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed’ but I think everyone noticed her.

luara hale

Is this girl Laura Hale? She does sort of look similar to the girl we saw play Laura Hale in memory flashback Peter shared with Scott  in 1×10 ‘Co-Captain‘.

laura hale 2

So who is the girl in the hospital? I have a theory. I think it was also Laura Hale.

When Peter ‘died’ his mind was linked with Lydia’s and he was able to communicate with her, influence her and manipulate her. It was almost like when his body died his mind fled into Lydia’s through the bond created by his biting of her. It is possible that when Peter killed Laura the same thing happened to him and Laura’s mind (i.e. her consciousness) has been trapped inside Peter’s in turn. Although I think he would have done a pretty good job of suppressing her.

Now in Season 3 Lydia is seemingly having memory lapses; is it possible that Laura is actually taking over her body?

Just as a quick side note. Celtic mythology is important in Teen Wolf and one of their beliefs was that of reincarnation. Which incidentally could be an explanation of how Derek is older than he seems – literally an old soul.

Either way we have been trying to keep our eye out for more random girls.