Teen Wolf Trailer Season 3

Wow. I had to pause it halfway because I was shaking so much. I was expecting a great trailer but I wasn’t expecting this!

Find the trailer here!

Main points:

1. Scott goes Alpha

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40879

I’m wondering whether this change is temporary or if it’s for keeps. It must have taken a lot of strength and will to force the rise to alpha, but if it was that ‘easy’ why doesn’t everybody do it – there must be a price to pay – a consequence. Maybe we see this at the end where Scott is unresponsive.

Will Scott even gain more power seeing as he has no wolves in his pack, or will he just be stronger than he would have been had he stayed a beta. Scott and Derek combining packs could be mutually beneficial since they’d each become stronger. I don’t think Scott would give anyone the bite though, but with the added Alpha instincts to build a pack, Scott might have to fight the wolf – this links to the promo where Scott is seen drowning himself – suppressing his more humanising features to be able to act without thought of consequence?

2. Deucalion wants Derek to kill his pack

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40351

We’ve heard this before, but instead of Peter, it’s Deucalion. He wants Derek to kill one member but hinted that once he kills one, he won’t need asking to kill them all. Does an Alpha go mad or lose control , their humanity, if they kill a beta for no reason?

We see Derek then attacking Boyd – this might all an act to make it look like Boyd has been killed and Derek has done as Deucalion has asked. I don’t know if I’m seeing things, but it sure looks like someone is behind Derek during his battle with Boyd. I don’t even know.

3. The murders aren’t committed in the typical werewolf way i.e teeth and claws and guts spewing

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40499

The Alpha pack doesn’t want to risk exposure. This still could be the reason why the FBI comes to Beacon Hills – maybe this was what they wanted. To cause havoc and leave them in the midst of it or maybe it’s all a test to see how they cope under the pressure, how strong of a pack they are.

The fact that this isn’t what they expect throws them off balance. They’ve waited all summer for the Alpha pack to act, and murders in human form – especially when they know what the Alphas are capable of is unnerving.

Solving the riddle of the murders I think is what sends Stiles into detective mode (especially because Heather is killed) and he will be the one to figure out what it means. I believe the murders will be connected to the symbols – very zodiac killer but if this gets Derek implicated again O_O.

4. Is Derek placing his trust in someone

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40047

He shows vulnerability to this person, showing his insecurities. “Everyone around me gets hurt.”

Derek has a wound on his neck as well as his shoulders, probably inflicted by Kali – Derek may have had his memories altered. The woman could either be the English teacher (I don’t know her name), Cora (but I don’t think so anymore) or a hallucination of Laura. If it is Laura, that would explain why he’s allowed himself to show his vulnerability.

Most of these fights and confrontations take place in Derek’s loft. He can’t even buy nice furniture in fear of it breaking. Did you see that sorry excuse for a chair in one of the shots? He needs to go to Ikea when this is all over.

5. A new mystery surrounding Lydia

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40550

Lydia has no recollection as to how she found one of the bodies. We see a shot of her hands covered in blood. This could be the residual affects of Peter’s mind intrusion, or show that her mind is still being manipulated – maybe by one of the Twins.

6. Deucalion posing as blind

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer.mp40323

Why of all places is the music classroom the setting for Scott and Deucalion’s ‘talk.’ Does Deucalion simply have a love for music or is he a music teacher at BHHS?! If he is blind, does this mean his other senses are even more heightened?

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