(No, not the Justin Timberlake song.)

Mirrors have been featured quite a bit in the show especially in season two and we have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing even more in season three.

Mirror Lore:

Mirrors are surrounded by a lot of superstitions, mythology and lore. It has been linked to souls – the representation, stealing, trapping and regeneration of them. This is why in some cultures, when someone has recently died, mirrors are covered. The idea of trapping souls could be linked to the girl in distress we saw in Lydia’s dream in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed.’

The superstition that breaking a mirror is unlucky has links to the mirror being a representation of the soul – by breaking the mirror, you also shatter your soul and the bad luck takes 7 years to go away because this is how long it takes for the soul to regenerate. All the associations to the soul could suggest that Teen Wolf will look into this subject in the future.

It is said that there are ways to avoid bad luck after shattering a mirror – by burying the broken pieces of glass under the light of the moon, throwing it in running water, or smashing it to pieces – the powder Peter used could have been crushed glass from a mirror – the association with the soul and Lydia’s inhalation of the dust could have made Peter’s hold on her stronger. As well as this, Lydia wrote the cry for help in a way that was readable through a mirror (or by reversing the image on the phone). The links to the moon was unexpected but makes the fact that mirrors could play a heavier role in the coming seasons more likely.

Another popular association with mirrors is that it is a portal to another world. Examples to this being Bloody Mary (who still freaks me out, especially after that Supernatural episode.) This is interesting – I don’t see Teen Wolf going in this direction but I can’t help but think of an alternate universe where the fire didn’t happen and Derek is happy and smiley and social well-adjusted and in a relationship with Stiles… I’ll stop now.

Mirrors force you to see your true self – a reflection of you, and can’t lie (unless the mirror itself is distorted) – it makes you see the truth. They have also been linked to have been used to induce an altered state of consciousness to see the future or the past…


  • The mirror the hooded person was standing in front of had no reflection. Of anything. There was complete darkness. They say that mirrors are a reflection of your soul – perhaps this is an indication that the person has no soul or shows the darkness within them…

Use of mirrors in the show:


  • In 1×02 ‘Second Chance at First Line’, we see two instances where Scott looks at himself in the mirror and hates what he sees; when he goes to Allison’s house and sees his reflection in her window, he is shocked at what he saw; and again after the lacrosse game where he sees his reflection again and shatters it (7 years bad luck for you!) – The mirror showed Scott’s identity – an identity Scott hadn’t completely accepted since he thinks the bite is a curse.


  • We see a glimpse of the circular mirror later used in Peter’s resurrection during Derek and Scott’s fight in 1×03 ‘Pack Mentality’.


  • Lydia smashed a mirror in 2×04 ‘Abomination’ and we still don’t know why she did it. It could be that she saw Peter in the reflection but it doesn’t explain why she has no recollection of smashing the glass or why she felt no pain. Lydia smashing her mirror could be explained away by saying it was to lead the audience in the wrong direction regarding the Kanima’s identity, but I think there’s more to it.


  • Also in 2×04 ‘Abomination’ we learn that the Kanima doesn’t like its reflection. This is to do with identity and that fact that he doesn’t like what he sees, just as Scott had done in 1×02 ‘Second Chance at First Line’ when he staggered back after seeing his reflection in Allison’s window.



  • In 2×07 ‘Restraint’ when Lydia goes to the Hale House (which in her mind was back to normal complete with a white instead of red door) to visit ‘the boy’, it wasn’t until Lydia looked into the reflection in the mirror that she found out that truth; that the boy she had been seeing was all in her head. It’s interesting that while the mirror was showing her the truth, the surroundings were still the Hale House before the fire.  Also, in the whole hallucination why did the wardrobe remain. There’s more to the wardrobe – I know there is! Also, is there any significance that they “kissed” right above where Peter was buried?


  • Most importantly, mirrors were used in the resurrection ritual during the Worm Moon in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed’. I count 4 to 6 mirrors being used. Did the mirrors act to strengthen the rays of the moon, or was it simply a way to direct the moonlight onto its target? The Moon itself is one giant reflective surface, reflecting sunlight.  Also, is there significance to the fact that the light rays almost takes the shape of a pentagram?

Season 3:


  • I’m sure the mirror we see in Derek’s loft will be important this season… somehow.