30 Second Promo

Scott & Stiles. School. “Something’s coming. Something bad.”

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40000

  • Who did they turn around to look at?
  • The school has changed. It’ll take some getting used to.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40002

  • Stiles’ new hair!!

Creepy eye shot through hole

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40005

  • What is he looking through? A bullet hole, maybe… Where is he? Whose eye is it?
  • They’re brown eyes… no eyelashes?

At Hale House. “How many are there.” — “A pack of them.”

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40011

  • Did they change the front door to the Hale House? Or is this another location?

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40027

  • Main staircase behind Derek so must be a new door.

Someone gets their claws out. The door is open.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40000

  • Where are they and whose hand is that?
    • Are they inside the school. Are those Scott’s hands?

Alpha twins. Why are they even shirtless?

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40017

  • The way they move is very in-sync. Oddly so.
  • Their trousers looks very tight.

“They’re too fast for us. They’re too strong – Too rabid.”

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40018

  • Scott looks like he’s in the same place where the teaser was shot.
  • I get that they’ll be stronger and faster, but rabid? Is this the price of being in a pack of Alphas – a little bit of crazy?

Fight between two werewolves

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40021

  • Boyd and Ennis?
  • Where are they?!

Kali in Derek’s loft

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40023

  • I like her werewolf teeth

“People keep getting killed.” Scott and Stiles at morgue. Two bodies under sheet.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40028

“We need help.”

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40004

  • Is he talking to Derek?
  • Help from who? Are they going to the Hunters? REINFORCEMENTS!

Isaac goes under ice bath

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40033

  • Stiles is holding him down on the left, Derek on the right
  • Isaac might be going under the ice bath to retrieve his memories somehow

Isaac’s pupil dilate. Reaction to light

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40036

  • Checking to see if he’s alive?

“I’m coming for you and everyone you love.”

Allison shushes someone

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40038

  • Why is she wearing gloves? Who is she shushing? Is she wearing a rucksack or is that a gun strap?
  • Allison looks like she’s in the same place as Boyd and whoever he’s fighting. Maybe she helps him and this is how their friendship begins…

Someone screams

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40040Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40041

  • She reminds me of Lydia – maybe she’s Lydia’s sister and we don’t hear much about her because she dies. The shot of the feet reminds me of the worms on Lydia’s in 2×09.
  • It’s weird how she’s pulled up off her feet but we see no one near her…

School bus fire

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40043

  • Looks like Finstock and someone. The hair of the person in front looks weird.

“I’m coming for all of them.”

Allison looks trapped and scared

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40045

  • Where could Allison be? Why does she look so scared?

Lydia watching the fire

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40046

  • Was someone she loves caught in the fire?
  • Why is she on the floor? Blown back by the blast?

Stiles in red room

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40048

  • Where is he and why does he look so upset? Who or what is he seeing?!

“I’m coming for them, I’m coming for all of them.”
Derek getting impaled on pipe

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40050

  • I love all the wood in Derek’s loft…
  • What are those controls just behind Kali’s right arm about?

“You’re either gonna kill them or they kill you.”

Scott pushes against unknown force

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40053 Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview.mp40061

  • Is he pushing against a mountain ash barrier? It has to be something supernatural for his eyes to turn yellow unless he’s exerting himself.
  • What is that white circular thing behind him?