Body of Water Under Hale House

In 1×11 ‘Formality’ and 1×12 ‘Code Breaker’ we see reflections of water ripples on the walls which means there’s a substantial amount of water in the basement. We know there’s a river or a lake in the Preserve somewhere so who’s to say it doesn’t run beneath the house somehow…

Watch the final scene in Formality – those ripple reflections are everywhere!

There must be a reason why they’ve chosen to have a source of water run underneath the Hale House – the fact that these ripples can be seen all around the basement shows that it’s not a small surface of water either. Though we don’t actually see the body of water, the reflections are proof enough. I’m hoping this will be used in season three for some reason; maybe the fact that fire, earth and now water have been linked to the House that it stands as the centre and has some supernatural significance. Maybe this is why the Alpha pack have really arrived?

Also, if there has been a source of water in the basement, how did the fire get as bad as it did and how could so many people have died. Is it possible that there was wolfsbane in the water for some reason, and if so, does this suggest that human members of the family could have escaped? Or could it be that this water was used against them with the use of electricity.

Could this source of water be how Jackson ended up all the way at the lake?