Teen Wolf: Season 3 Teaser – We Need To Learn Latin


MTV revealed a little teaser today – watch here – and of course there’d be whispering in Latin included. Of-f*cking-course. They love to tease us. Danni and I got to trying to translate a language we know nothing about and got two very different translations – the more the merrier, ‘ey? :)

Nothing much actually happens in the video, just a hooded figure standing in front of the mirrors of the boys locker room, telling from the caged lockers and the rows of sinks (you can see a screencap here.) We don’t see his face even with a mirror in front of him, in fact we don’t see anything at all which is strange since the other two mirrors beside the one the mysterious person is standing in front of has a reflection. What does this signify? Is the mirror broken or does it show the black of their soul?

We’ve played around with many different translations that were all slightly different and had different meanings but at the same time were similar; in that they said the same kind of thing but in different (confusing) ways. It’s hard to describe you just get a feeling that its to do with things ‘inside’ the hooded figure and something else…

Here are our two ‘best’ translations:

  • Quanti sintus hocque spiritus pro quae quero minando” which translated in Google Translate means “How many are in this spirit that I question by threatening” 
    • I know very little about Latin grammar read none and I think you can change tense and conjugations and stuff and it would slightly change meaning – there was definitely something to do with breaking bonds at one point. Also I’m not sure I trust Google Translate so I’m working on another translation for later.
    • Note however that this translation if you play it in Google Translate sounds pretty much like the whispered words in the teaser.
      • Quanti = plural of quanto – how much/how many/of what size, however great
      • Sintus = a conjugation of the verb sino – to let down/set/fix/
      • Hocque = in this place/here
      • Spiritus =a breathing/breath – although in Latin there is a distinction between spirit and soul (anima). The word spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the consciousness or personality. (1)
      • pro = before/in front of/in face of
      • quaero quero = to seek/search/ask questions (I wasn’t sure if it was this phrase of the words below)
      • quae = anyone/anybody/anything/ somebody/ something/someone (plus more depending on conjugation).
      • qua = by what means/in what direction/where (plus more  depending on conjugation).
      • minando = to drive or to jut forth/project or if you believe Google translate ‘by threatening’.
  • “Quanti vinctōs hoc intra spiritus prōtrahere damnatio” which translated in Google Translate means “How many prisoners within this spirit draws condemnation

    • Now, the word “vinctōs” as well as meaning “prisoner” could also been “bound”, and the word “spiritus” as well as meaning “spirit”, could mean “life”. “How many bound within this life draws condemnation.”
    • It could be related to what Peter did to Lydia and shows that Peter has more prisoners within his mind? This could be a hint to the women we saw in Lydia’s dream… oh who am I kidding, I have no clue!
      • Quanti = plural of quanto – how much/how many/of what size, however great
      • Vinctōs = accusative masculine, plural – bound, tied up
      • hoc = in this place, here, to this place, hither
      • Spiritus = life, spirit, breath, breathing
      • Prōtrahere = present active infinitive of prōtrahō = to drag, pull, draw, bring, produce. For some reason, typing prōtrahō in Google Translate and HALE pops up. Coincidence?
      • Damnatio – noun, sg, voc/nom, fem – condemnation, conviction
  • Some alternative translates can be read here Google Translate. Some of them sound good but our Latin dictionaries said we were including things that weren’t really words so we  don’t know :(




Latin dictionaries that helped: [1][2][3][4]

We’re pretty sure we butchered the Latin language and it makes no sense in terms of sentence structure, grammar and what-not, but we tried.

We don’t think we actually got it right but we do think that the sentiment of our translations might be on the  right track. Especially considering the blank mirror and what the previous promo and teasers have been about. To have no reflection means to symbolically have no soul (vampire myths anyone) and everything so far points towards Scott thinking his humanity is a poison that needs to be destroyed and arguably it is his human side which is his ‘soul’.