Why did Peter make Jackson glow? [Clues]

Within the Teen Wolf fandom it is generally assumed that when Derek scratched Jacksons neck with his claws in 1×04 ‘ Magic Bullet’ he accidentally transferred some of his memories of the fire to him. However here at OFFTHERPRESERVE we have another theory or at least some food for thought and things to look at, think about etc.

So first we have these moments from Season 1 that are evidence that Jackson remembers the Hale house and the fire.

1×09 ‘Wolfs Bane’:

Nightmares about a fire, it’s in this house and I can hear screaming…wait what has this got to do with anything?

1×10 ‘Co-captain’:

Jackson: This house, it’s the same house
Derek: What did you say?
Jackson: I’ve dreamt about this place, I remember the staircase, I remember these walls, I remember everything.

But in 1×05 ‘The Tell’ the episode right after when Jackson is scratched he is trapped in the video store with the Alpha (Peter Hale) and the Alpha takes a very close look at the wounds on Jackson’s neck, carefully peeling back his jacket collar to expose them and gently running it’s claws over the scratches and they freaking GLOW a reddish pink!

You might not have noticed this so check out the screencap below.

glowing neck

What the hell does this mean?

We know for a fact that werewolves can transfer memories by a scratch because Peter does it to Scott in 1×10 ‘Co-captain’.  However Derek did look particularly confused when this happened like he didn’t know that it was a thing that could be done.

Plus more recently with the spoilers for page one of season 3 concerning Isaac;  we know that he’s lost his memory and from the page of the script released that this [via claw puncture marks on the nape of the neck] is how ‘they’ share memories or take them away.

The real important question is whether the ‘they’ refers to werewolves in general or specifically to Alpha werewolves. Is this ability something that only Alphas have? If it is then it would be that it couldn’t have been Derek that shared the memories of the fire with Jackson.

So we posit that it was actually Peter that transferred the memories NOT Derek as most people seem to think at the moment. For the following reasons:

a) Weird glowing neck thing.
b) Jackson suffered hallucinations similar to Lydia so maybe Peter was messing with his mind too.
c) Derek was not present at the time of the fire, because he was at school, so how can he have memories of it?

(Although I have considerable issue with the whole ‘at school’ thing because the fire was at 7.14pm  for starters but that is another discussion).

So if Peter did something to Jackson why did he do it? Why give Jackson memories of the fire? Well Peter always has a plan A and a plan B and possibly even a plan C through Z. It is possible that Jackson was somehow his original back-up plan before Lydia or he just wanted to cause problems for Derek I really don’t know. I just seem to have a lot of questions *headderek*.

Unfortunately Colton Haynes left so the plot of the show may have been considerably altered from what it was originally going to be, maybe this doesn’t even matter any more, but originally the Alpha pack’s concern with coming to Beacon Hills was to do with the Kanima…to do with Jackson and I suspect Peter was involved in this somehow. He knew about the Alpha Pack and maybe even things about Jackson but still it really is all a big mystery.

Basically glowing neck – it must mean something! Right?