Episode Title Teasers [Analysis]

They know how to drive us crazy. Jeff Davis gave E! a sneaky one word tease for the first eight episodes of season three. As if we didn’t need more spoilers to obsess over… (hungrily waits for more!) 

Episode 1—”Tattoo” : “Ephemeral”

A fancy way of saying ‘short-lived’ – it could relate to the happy, relaxed summer coming to an end. The term is from the Greek word ‘ephemeros’ which literally means ‘lasting only one day.’

Episode 2—”Chaos Rising” : “Hecatolite”

A quick Google search shows that ‘hecatolite’ is a type of mineral with the more common name of ‘moonstone’ as well as the name ‘wolf’s eye’. The moonstone is said to have been associated with lunar gods and goddesses. Romans believed the moonstone was made from solidified rays of the moon. Could this suggest that this ‘hecatolite’ will be used to induce the shift by mimicking the full moon?  That would explain the title. Research also shows that the moonstone was used as a way to foretell the future, used in the waning of the moon, and during the waxing of the moon, it was used for love charms. More information on the hecatolite here.

Episode 3—”Fireflies” : “Threes”

The episode title is driving us crazy! The number three has been of recurring importance in Teen Wolf – hunters are usually seen in groups of threes; Alpha, Beta, Omega; linked to fireflies, their glow is a chemical reaction based on THREE things; a heat resistant substance, an enzyme, and oxygen. This makes me think that someone will light a bunch of people on fire and we’ll see an aerial view of them running around in the night – they will look like fireflies… yeah – probably not.

Episode 4—”Unleashed” : “Oak”

Trees have deep rooted meaning to lore and said to have mystical properties. oak symbolises power, eternity, strength, protection and honesty (to name a few). The Oak Moon is the full moon of December because of the oak trees endurance even in the harshest of weathers. Is there a special jar of Deaton’s that harnesses the qualities found in oak, or will this be used against them by the Alpha pack? Find more information on the mythology and symbolism of trees here.

Episode 5—”Frayed” :  “Suture”

First thought was that someone will be getting stitches, but could this be the episode where a fight seems to be going down just outside the hospital?

Suture involves holding together or joining of two parts – could the two parts not be seen as the closing of a wound but more of a joining of two parts of a person’s psyche (i.e. Scott)?

Episode 6—”Motel California” : “Whistle”

A whistle?! Stiles uses the whistle (that Deaton used on Derek) on Scott to bring him back to his senses?

Episode 7—”Currents” : “Beacon”

When the title for 3×07 was released, we guessed the ‘currents’ had either to do with water, air or current events, but with the added Beacon, I just don’t know anymore. Beacon = hope, light, used as a warning to alert others of danger. Will there be a particularly intense fight with the Alpha Pack where all hope seems to have been lost until someone or something acts like a beacon and brings them together?

Episode 8—”Visionary” : “Distillation”

The mysterious flashback episode… Does the tease suggest the Hales used to make their own wine? Distillation is the act of purifying or concentrating a liquid – could this liquid be a type of wolfsbane and we’ll see Derek experimenting with doses of wolfsbane to mimic the effects of alcohol? Or could the purification aspect be more of an emotional sense than literal.

What are your ideas on the possible reasons/theories to the episode titles and/or the one word teasers? Leave a comment below (because we are dying).