Will Stiles overdose?


Teen Wolf is one of those shows which has a sort of camp cheerful veneer but underneath that it’s actually thematically quite dark. Especially when you consider the characters lives and circumstances for both the adults and the kids. We have dead parents, dead families, single parents, abusive parents and abject loneliness all over the shop. Plus all this while the teenagers try to navigate the uncertain waters of growing up and the adults try to cope with the fact that they are grown up (I can relate).

So, I’ve been having worrying thoughts about Stiles, in my old noggin, ever since season 3 spoilers started talking about Scott and Isaac’s growing friendship because these are teenagers and feeling isolated and left out is one of the worst things in the world and that is without everything else supernatural going on. I know that they’ve stressed that there will still be the Stiles/Scott bromance but I fully expect there to be initial tensions and problems because this is a television drama after all.

When your friendships and love life are in limbo you find ways to distract and occupy yourself. Like throwing yourself into work or a hobby, basically anything to keep yourself from actively stressing out. From Wondercon we know that in season 3 Stiles is going to take on the role of detective, trying to figure out what is going on and why people are dying. He will also be spending more time with his father trying to solve cases at the police department turning his bedroom into a nerve centre with research, pictures and clues stuck up everywhere (source 1/2).

Now for the crux.

Stiles is on Adderall a drug which helps with concentration and focus when you have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).
Read about how this is diagnosed in the DSM here sorry our psychology is showing.

In 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’ we have:

Stiles: I’ve been up all night reading websites, books, all this information.
Scott: How much Adderall have you had today?
Stiles: A lot? It doesn’t matter, here just listen..!

Then 1×02 ‘Second Chance At First Line’:

Stiles: What did you find? How did you find it? Where did you find it? And yes I’ve had a lot of Adderall.

Also 1×05 ‘The Tell‘:

Finstock: So Stiles, great kid, zero ability to focus, super smart but never takes advantage of his talents.

Finally 2×09 ‘Party Guessed‘:

Sheriff : How the hell am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own? This hyperactive little bastard that keeps ruining my life.

Also recently this spoiler for season 3:

So Stiles wants to do all this detective work but naturally finds it really hard to focus. So he takes Adderall to help and maybe the more he wants to focus and research the more Adderall he will end up taking? We know that this is in character because he did it in 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’ when he got worried about Scott actually being a werewolf and stayed up all night looking up information.

Adderall is effective at treating the symptoms of ADHD but it is also a highly addictive substance that can have various side-effects from prolonged use or abuse/addiction. Also the more you take the more you build up tolerance so the more you would have to take to get the same relief of symptoms.

If Stiles is throwing himself into his ‘detective’ work; taking more and more Adderall so that he can concentrate could this end up happening?

Should we be looking out for the signs of over using the drug in Stiles like withdrawal if he’s been overusing Adderall so he can stay focus? Things like irritability and problems sleeping?

You can also overdose on it. NOOOOOO!

Some of the signs of an Adderall overdose include:

              • restlessness, tremors, muscles twitches
              • rapid breathing, uneven heartbeat
              • confusion, hallucinations, panic
              • muscle pain, tenderness, weakness
              • fever, flu-like symptoms
              • depression, tiredness
              • nausea, vomiting, stomach-pains
              • fainting. seizures
              • aggressiveness

It should also be noted that panic attacks, which Stiles suffers from, are linked with ADHD (co-morbid).

Stiles: no you were having a panic attack but thinking you were having an asthma attack actually stopped the panic attack – ironyyyy.
Scott: how did you know how to do that?
Stiles: I used to get them after my mom died, not fun huh?

So I am going to be keeping a close eye on Stiles in season 3. Especially considering the spoilers that his ADHD and panic attacks will be addressed because a character needs conflict. This means that Stiles will struggle with forces and desires etc *nervous*.


It should be noted that you can have ADHD to varying degrees and that drugs effect everyone differently.

You can read more about Adderall, it’s side-effects and overdosing here 1/2/3/4

You can read more about the link between panic attacks and ADHD here (although I didn’t do very good research so Google?)

Disclaimer: I am no expert on the subject of Adderall despite having been on a similar drug at one point myself. My personal experience was a reduced appetitive, depressive mood and I did suffer what could probably be called a panic attack. So I apologise for any mistakes or incorrect facts feel free to correct me.