Deaton and the Mysterious Symbol

The “Mysterious Symbol” and how it led to theories of Deaton’s nature and parentage.

Just outside Deaton’s Animal Clinic are two wooden symbols to each side of the entrance. First thought was they were significant in itself; the symbol being a ward of some sort – only to find that it was simply the standard healing and medicinal symbol known as the Rod of Asclepius. 

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 1 Wolf Moon[00-47-37]

The end? No.

That symbol looked way too cool to not look into further, and Jeff must have made Deaton a vet for a reason; he could have easily been the manager of a small grocery store, Scott being his Assistant Manager in-training — maybe not – but still, a quick Google search was needed.

The Rod of Asclepius ties to Greek Mythology and you know how much Jeff loves his mythology. Asclepius was the son of Apollo and I believe Jeff Davis loosely based Deaton’s history and parentage around Asclepius’ paternal side of the family and/or included characteristics or ‘epithets’ of Apollo in Deaton.

Here’s why I think this is:

Greek Gods often have many epithets (qualities) associated with them based on what qualities they have; Apollo has many.

We’ve seen Deaton be a protector when he stood before the entrance (Prostaterios: protector) and refused entry to Peter in 1×10 ‘Co-Captain’ despite threats – he literally warded off evil (alexicaus: warding off evil); and came to the assistance of Derek, helping him back to consciousness after Peter’s resurrection in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed’ (Epikourios: helper and healer).

Deaton then tells Derek where he can find Scott, knowing he was ‘with Stilinski’ – I’m wondering how Deaton knew where to find him and whether this has something to do with Deaton being an Oracle (Thearious: of the oracle; Proopsios: foreseeing). We’ve seen Deaton knowing where he has to be, if he hadn’t been in the woods in 1×10, he would never have saved Scott after he was shot with a wolfsbane bullet. We’ve seen Deaton be cryptic (Loxias: of obscure oracles), only giving certain information and keeping things close to his chest until ready to reveal. We still don’t know how Deaton got out of the Camaro in 1×07 ‘Night School’

Deaton will obviously have the quality of a healer being a vet, but we’ve seen him go above and beyond the duties of a humble vet; he’s healed Scott (Epikourios: helper and healer; acesius: healing) and helped the hunters in 2×03 ‘Ice Pick’.

Apollo has also been linked to the ash tree and of ‘lupine flowers (Meliai: of the ash tress; Thermios: of the lupine flowers). Is this a coincidence, or did Jeff choose the mountain ash because of it’s relation to the ash tree. Peter did seem surprised at its use, calling it an ‘old one’. The term lupine in the case of Apollo goes to a type of plant in the pea family, but its connotations in Teen Wolf, lupine relating to a wolf or wolves is hard to pass.

A possible reason Deaton is close to werewolves and gives them assistance is that he or his ancestors offers servitude, this may be because a werewolves, or wolves in general saved a life of one of Deaton’s ancestors (as wolves saved Leto, Apollo’s mother) or it may be because Deaton is a carrier of the werewolf gene, his family (on his mother’s side) being a descendant of wolves (lycegenes: born of the wolf).

An epithet of Apollo was (Lycius: of the wolf, or wolf-slayer, of the light, or destroyer), further suggesting that Deaton is hunter. Apollo was often seen as a protector of herds of shepherds, and applying this to Teen Wolf, it could be seen as a protector of a pack and their Alpha. Lycius also stands for ‘of the wolf’ and can be illustrated by Leto, as she was seen as the Patrol Goddess of Lycia, a country she named after wolves came to her aid after being attacked.

The two conflicting meanings, of being a wolf-slayer and being of the wolf shows how Deaton differentiates himself from other hunters. We do know he is a hunter of some sort; Deaton being a hunter was touched upon in the season two finale. (Agraios: hunter, slayer; Hekatos: shooter from afar).

We have seen and heard in the show of Deaton’s relationship with both the Hale pack and of the Hunters; in 2×10 ‘Fury’, Deaton tells Derek that ‘helping [his] family actually used to be a pretty important part of [his] life.’ he was an advisor or sorts and in 2×03, Gerard gives the impression that he and Deaton have history together. The reasons as to why Deaton associated with both hunters and werewolves hasn’t been explain in the show in detail, however, I believe these associations have to do with his family history and ties.

We’ve seen Deaton being impartial; assisting both werewolves and hunters alike, this is another characteristic of Apollo (Isodetes: who binds all equal, impartial), just why he is so willing to be so impartial and help both, despite being on both sides is unknown. Perhaps it was Deaton who formulated a treaty of sorts between the two, or maybe it was Deaton or his family who instigated the Code, the Argents claim to live by.

I’m not suggesting Deaton is Apollo or even Ascelpius, I don’t see the show going in that direction and taking away from the main focus of the show, but I do think that certain aspects of both Apollo and his son have been seen in Deaton and will be touched upon in season three. Davis has already confirmed that the new season will look closer into both Deaton and the Argent’s history and I’m hoping at least some of this theory is true. I think it explains a lot.

Further theories stemmed from the Apollo/Deaton comparisons:

  • The neighbouring country of the land Apollo’s mother named after wolves, Lycia, was called ‘Lydia’ – could this fact have links to why Lydia is immune?
  • Apollo was said to have slain a python; in 1×10 ‘Fury’ after Deaton brings Derek back to consciousness, he describes Peter using adjectives used to describe a snake:

“What Peter managed to do doesn’t comes without a price. He’ll be physically weak, so he’ll rely on the strength of his intelligence, his cunning. He’s gonna come at you, Derek. He’ll try to twist his way inside your head preying on your insecurities. He’ll tell he’s the only way you can stop Gerard. Do not trust him.”

– Could this mean that Deaton will have a hand in killing Peter this time?

  • Apollo apparently shared the title of the Sun God. The full moon is directly related the it’s position in relation to the Sun. It’s probably a long-shot, but this could suggest that maybe Deaton knows something that can suppress the change or force it on a werewolf. Stiles’ findings from 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’ suggest that there may be a way to do this – perhaps Deaton knows how…

I’m no expert, I wish I was since all of this is so damn interesting, so if there are any inaccuracies (which there probably are) then apologies.

tl;dr: Deaton has a lot on common with the qualities (epithets) of Apollo (healer, protector, oracle) and may be tied to both hunters and werewolves by blood.

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