Top 20 Season 2 moments

While we wait for the new season to start, here’s a run-down of our favourite moments in season 2. It wasn’t an easy job choosing – the fact that we had to change it from top 10 to top 20 moments says it all!

(The order will probably change since there have been so many great moments!)


“You know when you’re drowning you don’t actually inhale until right before you black out…” Stiles in the guidance counsellor’s office

This was the very first scene in 2×11 ‘Battlefield’ and it’s one of our favourites because it’s so powerful. It highlights how great of an actor Dylan O’Brien is to have a near five minute monologue and still keep viewers on edge. The vulnerability it shows; how exposed Stiles is with the extreme close ups as he reveals his insecurities at believing he’s fighting a losing battle and afraid he can’t hang on any longer. We’ve known Stiles to be happy all the time but it’s nice to see him have his guard down and talk about his feelings. It feels like he spends so much time trying to hold others up that he’s having to suppress his own anxiety and worries.

The music, the build up of the drums as Ms. Morell quotes Winston Churchill – to keep going – brings it all to a nice conclusion as we hope Stiles take onboard her words and continues to fight.


Final fight in 2×12 – intro music starts playing


We’d been hearing throughout season 2 in the opening, and hearing it used as the music the final battle scene is fought to made the episode. Scott, Derek and Isaac all working together to take down the Kanima in this scene was great to watch.


Melissa finds out about Scott’s…condition

The look on Melissa’s face and the look on Scott’s face broke our heart into pieces.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge…” Stiles believes and creates a ring of mountain ash


“I did something” The look of triumph on Stiles’ face says it all. I really hope we see more scenes of Stiles handling mountain ash since he’s become a pro at it in fics!


Derek’s eyes flash red. Peter rises from the dead. “I heard there was a party”


Purely for the panic Derek’s eyes flashing red caused after the episode where we weren’t sure whether Derek was still an Alpha or not, and of course, Peter would rise up from the dead and ask after a party.