Werewolves Are Psychic!

With their senses being heightened, who’s to say werewolves in the Teen Wolf ‘verse didn’t gain an extra sensory perception (ESP) or two…

Below is a list of ESPs (and others) that have been alluded to or mentioned in the show so far. Click the subheadings to jump ahead or make your merry way from the beginning!

Telepathy and Tele-Empathy
Empathic/Emotion Manipulation
Mental Manipulation
Illusion Manipulation
Enter Consciousness/Mind Exchange
Conscious transferral
Altered State of Consciousness


Empaths have the ability to feel other people’s emotions. This has been touched upon in the show in 1×06 ‘Heart Monitor’ where Derek tells Scott that werewolves can get ‘impressions‘ from others; Scott was able to remember that the Alpha had a strong emotion of anger. Also, in 1×08 ‘Lunatic,’ after Scott recovers from his panic attack, he tells Stiles that he was overwhelmed because “It was like I could feel everything in the room, everyone else’s emotions.” It’s mentioned that the full moon has a hand in enhancing empathic powers.

“It’s like the full moon has turned everything up to 10”

Telepathy and Tele-empathy

Telepathy is the mental transmission of thoughts and information through extrasensory channels currently unfounded in science. Tele-empathy is the transference of emotions from one person to another via telepathy. 

In 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’, Scott and the dog he mended back to health have a moment. When Allison goes into the other room to change out of her wet clothes, it looks like Scott knows what the dog is thinking when he gives Scott a look after he’s caught glancing in Allison’s direction. I’m not calling werewolves dog whisperers (I kind of totally am), but not in the sense that they literally speak to each other (maybe they do), more of an impression of their emotions.


Tele-Empathy could also allow physical pain to be felt by the empath which could explain how in 2×02 ‘Shape Shifted’  when Erica tried valiantly to climb the rock climbing apparatus and had a seizure, while not even in the same room, Scott knew instinctively that she was in trouble – his hand even shakes, mimicking the actions of Erica. Before she falls, Scott is there to catch her.

As well as this, it’s been established that werewolves have the ability to take away pain by absorbing it into themselves by touch, creating a direct link. It’s assumed that the pain they take away may be felt by the blackening of their veins similar to the poison Derek had in his arm in 1×04 ‘Magic Bullet’. It’s not been shown whether this ability can be applied to humans, or how much healing they can endure before they hurt themselves, but I’m guessing this will be expanded upon in the coming season, afterall, they wouldn’t have introduced this ability just for a cute scene with Isaac.

I mention the Kanima because they’re werewolf adjacent. The Master had control of the Kanima and used telepathy to receive orders – this is explained in 2×10 ‘Fury’ where Matt said he felt rage when he saw Lahey and the next day, he had died.

“It was like this bond had been cemented between us. I knew he had killed Lahey for me and I knew he would do it again.”

All Matt had to do was take their picture, wish death upon them and the Kanima acted out his vengeance. As well as this, we’ve seen a transfer of fears from the Master to the Kanima; the Kanima eventually losing his fear of water when the bond between him and Matt broke.

Knowing that werewolves have the ability to get impressions from others and possibly share thoughts, it raises the question of whether this link is stronger within packs – perhaps there needs to be a formal initiation into the pack to solidify the bond.

  • Studies suggest that twins are more susceptible to telepathy

Twin studies in Parapsychology suggest that twins are more susceptible to telepathic tendencies between them. This could explain why Jeff has introduced twins this season; perhaps they will kill one of them and have the other know instinctively that their brother has died – I can say that now seeing as we haven’t met them yet and I’m not emotionally attached to them… but maybe I’ll have to go back and edit this out if I do end up falling for their characters. We shall see.


Empathic/Emotion Manipulation

Empathic Manipulation is the ability to alter emotions, heal mental trauma, erase memories or induce memories. We know that werewolves have the capability for being empaths and possibly share thoughts telepathically, the notion that they can also manipulate these emotions is interesting.

Werewolves have the ability to calm or agitate dogs – in 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’, Scott calms a shaken up dog after Allison accidentally ran it over – he’d been a werewolf for less than a day but already knew instinctively that he could calm it; and later in the very same episode, we see Derek do the same to an aggressive looking dog, as well as again in 1×09 ‘Wolf’s Bane’ sending the police dogs chasing after him running scared.


In ‘1×03 ‘Pack Mentality’‘, Derek manages to agitate a police dog when an officer makes an attempt to enter the Hale House. Derek was able to play with the dog’s emotions from subdued to frenzied all within the space of a minute, and what’s more, he did this from a distance.

Other reasons why the dogs may have calmed or become aggressive could be that the animals saw Scott and Derek as a threat and trespassing on their territory, and Scott and Derek may have asserted his dominance. I really want there to be an actual dog in the pack, I’ve read so many fics where Stiles gets a dog and Derek doesn’t like it until he’s able to assert his dominance. Hehe.

Empathic/Emotion Manipulation in humans can be seen in 2×04 ‘Abomination’, although we don’t see it, Lydia punches the mirror in her room – this could be a display of rage inducement, as well as the fact that Lydia seemingly felt no pain afterwards suggests the feeling of pain was removed. The opposite of this happened in 2×09 ‘Party Guessed‘ Peter used empathic manipulation to make Lydia believe she was in pain when he dug his claws against her cheek – pain inducement.

As well as the ability to induce emotion, there could also be the power to be removed of emotion – apathy – just like Scott became in 1×07 ‘Lunatic’, assuming the pain of not being with Allison or the overwhelming waves of everyone’s emotions forced him to close himself off, resulting in his aberrant behaviour with Lydia and Stiles.

Mental Manipulation

Mental Manipulation is the ability to alter thoughts and perceptions, influence dreams, and manipulate memories.

It’s been established that werewolves (possibly only Alphas) can transfer memories; we’ve seen Peter do this to both Jackson (in 1×05 ‘The Tell’) and to Scott (in 1×10 ‘Co-Captain’). As well as this, a spoiler for the first half of season three has revealed that memories can also be erased or stolen – Isaac having been attacked and having no memory of what happened.

This could explain why an ice bath is involved in the coming season, perhaps it will be used to regain Isaac’s memories somehow.

As well as this, we’ve seen mental manipulation in the form of Matt speaking through Jackson in 2×08 ‘Raving’. “We’re here. We’re all here.”

Illusion Manipulation

Illusion Manipulation involves being able to distort one’s perceptions of people or things around someone. A possible example of this is in 1×10 ‘Co-Captain’ when Scott opens the door to see no one standing on the other side. I really do think Peter was standing in front of Scott the whole time, he just influenced Scott so he’d see no one there. This illusion is broken as Melissa sees Peter there and tells Scott to invite him in. If Peter was simply standing to the side, Scott would have heard his heartbeat. 


Lydia has had multiple experiences with illusion manipulation having seen and spoken to Young!Peter as well as having seen Peter roam the empty halls. 

Enter Conciousness/Mind Exchange

Enter consciousness involves being able to enter another’s mind and influence dreams.

Peter literally had a part of his conscience in Lydia making her see things that weren’t there and vividly experience things which weren’t real as well having her physically do his bidding in a trance-like state.

And don’t think we missed the fact that Lydia had some freaky strength in dragging Derek all the way from the abandoned subway station to the Hale House! It could be explained as a transfer of Peter’s psychic energy to Lydia to help with the superhuman strength. This transferral of psychic energy relates to the Teen Wolf webisodes where Dr. Fenris tells Scott and Stiles about the ritual that takes place during the Wolf Moon which involves the sharing of power.


It’s safe to say that now Lydia is in the know about the supernatural, she’ll be finding out ways to ward herself from any more mind intrusions.

Conscious transferral

Similar to ‘enter consciousness‘ but with a more permanent effect, Conscious transferral is the process of switching to another body if your own has been destroyed. This could lead to possibly seeing another Hale family member… There is the matter of the unknown woman looking distressed in Lydia’s dream, could she have been trapped in a conscious within a conscious, and if so, then will we see her returned to the land of the living and not trapped inside someone else’s mind.

Altered State of Consciousness

Altered state of consciousness is a state of consciousness which differs from that when one is awake. Sleeping, drugs, hypnosis, meditation, along with others can cause this change.  Sleeping is an altered state of consciousness; we’ve seen Scott is more susceptible to the Alpha’s call when asleep, where awareness is lowered. In 1×03 ‘Pack Mentality’ Stiles mentions that dreams aren’t memories. This was proved wrong in 1×09 ‘Wolf’s Bane’ when we find out that Jackson had been having dreams of the Hale Fire, which was a memory. Dreams will continue to be important I think, maybe Isaac will slowly get his memories back through them, as studies suggest that altered states of consciousness provide stronger psi manifestations.

As well as dreams, wolfsbane laced drinks also created an altered state of consciousness where everyone’s fears were hallucinated. I think we may see a return of those drinks but they’ll have a greater purpose than before.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see or experience future events before they have yet to pass. Scott may have passed it off as deja vu, but I think some werewolves even have clairvoyant powers (to an extent) as seen in the eerily similar scenes between Scott and Allison by the school buses in 1×03 ‘Pack Mentality’ and 1×11 ‘Formality.’  We’ve seen how early certain things have been set up in the show, it’s not so crazy to think that we’ll be seeing more deja-vu moments in the future.

In conclusion:

What started off as a post on the interaction of a boy and a dog turned into a look into psychic phenomena used in Teen Wolf. Werewolves, as shown by Scott, show signs of being empathic – reading impressions off people, as well as the ability to take away pain and feel the pain of other people. A subtle look into clairvoyance was shown, Scott mentioning he had a feeling of deja-vu, hinting to possibly touching upon reading the future, possibly through dreams. Peter has shown us it’s possible to enter another conscious and manipulate thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as create illusions. There’s more psychic related phenomena that hasn’t been mentioned but may very well be used in season 3, we’ll just have to wait and see and keep an eye out for clues. 

Areas which could plausibly be mentioned in Teen Wolf are:

  • Hypnosis
  • Auras
  • Transfer of consciousness
  • Near death experience
  • Out-of-body experience

To me, there’s no doubt that psychic energy and general psi phenomena will continue to be explored and expanded upon. Psychic energy was mentioned in the book Allison was reading on the Beast of Gevaudan and may be called upon again in the future, this shows that seemingly insignificant actions/objects in the past seasons, no matter how long ago they were mentioned, might unexpectedly have huge importance (think the spare key to Jackson’s house).

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