Pretty Pictures: Symbols On Set

The MTV official blog for Teen Wolf released more pictures; it looks like someone has been going around and marking their territory – and if it was the Alpha Pack, they better back off because what are they even doing there, this is private property!


The “Quadraspiral” as the MTV blog calls it has been drawn on the side of a tree. What’s more, is there seems to be blood spatter below…


The spiral, a symbol we know is associated with revenge, looks like it’s been drawn using claws, and even more interesting, is the symbol looks like it’s caught on fire. This picture looks like practise for where we’ll see this etched in the show, and the corrugated surface makes me think we’ll see this on store shutters – and don’t forget we’ve seen pictures of an abandoned mall, what looks to be a jewellery store…


This cool symbol we know is the Alpha Pack brand. Probably painted for practise to paint on the door of the Hale House in 2×12 Master Plan.

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