The Hale Records (Bestiary)

hale books

In 2×11 ‘Battlefield’ we see Derek looking through some dusty books, which I believed belonged to his family and survived the fire,  for information on the Kanima – he didn’t have much luck.

Then in 2×12 ‘Master Plan’ Derek comments that he looked everywhere [for the Bestiary] but not apparently under the stairs in the Hale house. Where there is a briefcase containing a laptop (not a book) because this is the modern world. Peter explains:

“A few days after I got out of the coma I transferred everything we had. Fortunately the Argent’s aren’t the only ones that keep records.”



Peter: It looks like what you’ve seen from Jackson is just the Kanima’s Beta shape.
Derek: Meaning what he can turn into something bigger?
Peter: Bigger and badder.
Derek: He’s turning into that? That has wings?
Peter: I can see that? Oh look someone made an animation of it I wonder if its less frightening if we…..nope not at all.

You may be asking, like I did, what did Peter transfer from? I assume that there was an old laptop that had been suffering away under the stairs for the last 6 years…it is possible I guess that it had survived, was still working and that data could be transferred. He also managed to sneak into the Hale house retrieve the old computer and then sneak back into the Hale house and hide the new one, doing this without bumping into Derek or the hunters that seem to hang around the place. It is either that or Peter is lying….but you know he is Peter.