Argent’s Heirloom

argent necklace crop

The creature in the middle is the Beast of Gevaudan.

There are two little things that look like a square with a triangle on top, to the left and right of the Beast, and after looking at them for a while I realised that they are probably supposed to be the houses of the village that the Beast was terrorising.

The thing at the bottom is possibly a stylized fleur de lis or some kind of latin cross.

Top left hand corner is a starburst.

Then there are five interlinking circles or rings in the bottom right.

All of this is on a bit of metal that is a the shape of a traditional coat of arms but it is welded to another piece of metal off centre and I think if I am not mistaken the second piece of metal that has a scuffed surface is supposed to be the moon (a sickle moon).