The Beast of Gévaudan

In 1×06, Heart Monitor, Kate show Allison a French legend linked to their ancestry – La Bête du Gévaudan:gevaudan

Allison reads from the website:

“In 1766 in the province of Lozère, la Bête killed over a hundred people…”

Allison recites a passage to Lydia at school:

“The Beast of Gévaudan… A quadruped, wolf-life monster prowling the Auvergne in South Dordogne areas of France during the years 1764 to 1767. La Bête killed over a 100 people, becoming so infamous that the King Louis XV sent one of his best hunters to try and kill it. Even the church eventually declared the monster a messenger of Satan. Cryptologists believe it may have been a subspecies of hoofed predator, possibly mesonychid whilst others believe it was a powerful sorcerer who could shapeshift into a man-eating monster. It is believed that La Bête was finally trapped and killed by a renowned hunter who claimed his wife and four children were the first to fall prey to the creature. His name was Argent.”

Allison then holds up the book, and this was on the page. The top half is obscured because she bloody dog-eared the page.

“…animal in the world is the intelligent…poor Louis XV had at least… Marquise de Pompadour, -arry, who dined at five, copy…significant fact (according to… lace’) and La Bête, who also…-ess formally. One Madame…kept hers while crunching…curvy courtesans she never… King, who died from smallpox – a million little bites instead of one big one. His successor died of the biggest bite of all – la Guillotine, so perhaps Louis XV did not handle French affairs, including La Bête, too badly at all, even if he did, aided of course by Madame Pompadour, bankrupt the state. La Bête nearly bankrupted only the Gévaudan.

The importance of La Bête in French history is virtually unknown outside France. Like BSE, they couldn’t get rid so each blamed everybody else. There is no lack of conspiracy theories, especially relating to the King’s anti-Jesuit policies, which peaked in 1761, two to three years before she appeared. Certainly people exploited her for political purposed but equally certainly there was a real dreadful entity conveniently there to exploit. La Bête’s total effect on history was, perhaps, beneficial. If she took only 100 potentially revolting peasant’s lives but stopped war between Huguenots and Jesuits, later saving  from la Guillotine some aristos who were recognised as having helped starving peasants fight her, she leaves a moral credit balance. You sooner know know, she might be canonized one day.

Often two or three version are recorded of stories about her life and presumed deaths. There are, for example, two versions of the La Purcelle (the spindle packing heroine) story when she was called upon by Antoine to identify bodies.””

Scott skims over a page from the book:

There were two mysterious cases reported during the times of the creatures attacks. The legend is that three women were going to church near the woods of Farvart, when a dark man offered to escort them though the woods. They refused and before leaving he touched one of them with a fur-covered hand. Soldiers arriving on the scene just after the incident warned the terrified women not to go into the woods, because the creature had just been seen there. It was thought to be a mythic monster, but the women remained terrified.

Two women of Escures also on the way to church had a similar experience in an area where, unknown to them the creature had just been seen by several people. This time they saw that the man accosting them cover in fur only when his shirt blew open in the wind. It was said at the time the creature  was called an instrument of the devil, and besides killing was trying to stop people from going to Mass.

One can certainly see the spiritual connection to the beast if one is to believe the stories of the meeting that occurred between the women and the strange man with fur covered hands. The creature seems to drink energy off its victims or those near them. The women would have become frightened easily once inside the dark woods, especially when they noticed the man covered in fur. Once they became scared and released their psychic energy released in fear, the creature fed upon this energy and was able to change forms more easily.

The Loup garou was reported being as big as a large calf and covered in fur that was reddish to dark brown, with the head very large and wolf-like and jaws that were gaping with large, sharp teeth. The chest was white and very broad, the tail very long and and thick, and the paws very large and covered with long fur, having six claws to each paw. Once the creature was sighted…

Important things:

The Beast was at large for 3 years (1764-1767)

Most of its victims were women and children. Why?

Psychic energy from fear needed to change forms more easily

The Beast of Gévaudan was an Alpha (if we go by the image in the book)