The mystery surrounding the death of Jackson’s biological parents.

party guessed jacksons parents

In 2×07 ‘Restraint’, Erica (whose father is an insurance investigator) calls some documents up on her computer relating to the death of Jackson’s Parents:

You can see some of the information provided quite clearly; we have reproduced them to the best of our our abilities for your perusal.

Of particular note is that on the Accident Report you can see the names of the two people in the car.

  • Gordon P. Miller (driver)
  • Margaret C. Miller(?) (passenger)

The surname of the passenger is obscured so we don’t know for a fact if they had the same surname and were in fact married, the conspiracy theorist side of my brain thinks Jeff did this on purpose (shhh brain!!!)

However they both did live together at 617 Holly Hill Lane, Beacon Hills so I feel relatively confident in assuming that they were married.

Now what is particularly interesting about the Insurance Claim is that it mentions that:

“Based on the tire marks found on the road the vehicle swerved abruptly and the driver lost control of the vehicle.”

Why did the driver swerve abruptly?

Here are a couple of theories:

a) Gordon swerved to avoid something in the road and as this is Beacon Hills and all I would take a stab and guess that they were swerving to avoid a werewolf because what else would it be really, I mean come on? The crash took place at night at around 9.13pm so it would have already been dark and they could easily be taken by surprise if something moved quickly in front of them.

The crash also took place on Route 23 which would be the main highway in and out of Beacon Hills (I know its fictitious but it is still in California and Route 23 turns into the 101 thank you Google). The Insurance Claim also mentions that Route 23 is off of the Old Deacon Road which would then be the  first road off the main highway. My gut tells me that this runs past the Preserve where the Hales used to live. I do have vague evidence for why I believe this but it’s not very substantiated so just go with it…. it’s plausible okay. Old part of town, old road which would have been one of the first roads. The End.

In 2×11 ‘Battlefield’ at the start of the episode Allison and Chris are pouring over a map of Beacon Hills. I have studied this with great dedication but alas none of the names of places in the report appear on the map. Also technically I wouldn’t put much stock in the map as it was probably made to look like it could be a map of Beacon Hills but not a map that is supposed to be examined closely but if it was that would be ridiculous cool and make me ridiculously happy.

According to this map Beacon Hills has an International Airport, there is no Route 23 that I can see but there is a Moonlight Ridge Road and a Jackson Mar Road…??? Interesting.

If you want to look at it yourself here are some HQ screencaps (click the thumbnails).

thumbnail 1 thumbnail 2 tumbnail 3

b) Jackson’s mother had an affair, Gordon P. Miller is not Jackson’s biological father and that night they were not happily driving somewhere. Imagine a scenario where Gordon had found out about what Margaret had done, forced her into the car and was driving somewhere to do something. The point is she was scared, possibly for her life and grabbed at the wheel to try and stop the car, causing it to swerve and unfortunately crash.

I favour the second theory because I have another theory on who Jackson’s Biological father actually is!

I feel like being all secretive now.

Jackson’s real father is none other than… the chemistry teacher, Adrian Harris!!!!!!!


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