The Hunters

Their kind have been hunting werewolves for centuries, according to one Derek Hale – but they hunt by a code: ‘Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent‘ – ‘We hunt those who hunt us.” Some hunters see the code more as guidelines than an actual rule.

The common known lore that silver harms werewolves is incorrect, probably misinterpreted over the years. The name Argent means silver in French, this shows how integral they are in the hunting world. Their family is old and strong and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see other hunters turning to them for help and advice…

The Argents originated in France. A legend linked to one of their ancestors is ‘La Bete du Gevaudan’ – translated to ‘The Beast of Gevaudan.’

It’s traditional for women to lead while the men fight, and their preferred method of killing a werewolf is cutting them in half.

It looks like hunters go through an initiation, in 2×03 we see Allison ‘kidnapped’ at the gas station and brought to the Hale house, where she had to then untie herself from where she was tied to a chair. Another hunter later told her that he went through the very same thing, indicating that it’s a thing they do.

Items linked to hunters is the bestiary, which the Argents have in electronic format, and  significant to the Argents, a family heirloom: the necklace.

“Know thy Enemy” – Art of War (Sun Tzu)

It means “in order to win a battle one must know everything they can about their enemy”

(Allison: 2×07)