Jeff answers questions on Tumblr #1

On the 19th February 2013, Jeff took some time out of his busy writing schedule to answer fan questions. Here are the spoilery questions and answers. (All the ones asking for hugs and saying hi have been excluded.)


We’ll find out why some wolves go full wolf, while others only go half

– Derek’s tattoo and the Alpha Pack symbol looking similar has a deeper meaning


– Stiles and Lydia will have more scenes. Their relationship will be different this year; more fun

“Bromance triangle” between Isaac, Scott and Stiles

Lydia may have a new love interest

Lydia’s sister will be introduced in season 3

Melissa will help in unexpected ways


– Dylan wrote a scene for 3×06 [involving a motel room scene with Scott]

Tyler tattoos will be incorporated in the show – we’ll see this in the first episode