Stiles during his research session in 1×01 ‘Wolf Moon’ reads  from a red book called The History of Lycanthropy. He later quotes from the book to Scott in regards to ‘bloodlust’ saying:

 “The change can be caused by anger or anything that raise your pulse”.

Bloodlust is also mentioned in episode 1×02 ‘Second Chance at First Line’ when Scott loses control and tries to kill Stiles – where we find that cold temperatures (from the fire extinguisher) can bring a werewolf to their senses. Also in 1×08 ‘Lunatic’ where Scott has the urge to kill Jackson after hallucinating Allison and him making out in the car, Scott doesn’t come back to his senses until Derek roars at him; we’ve also seen the roar of a higher ranking werewolf being able to stop another’s bloodlust when Derek roared at Isaac in 2×02 ‘Shape-Shifted.’ Electrocution, or pain in general, has also been shown to stop the bloodlust since it turns you human again; this is seen in 1×11 ‘Formality’ during Derek’s torture and in 2×01 ‘Omega’ where Gerard electrocutes the Omega.

I have Googled (because seriously who actually uses Yahoo or Bing? I’d use Search the Web if it really existed but that’s a different story) this book but it doesn’t exist. You would think that someone would have written a book on the history of lycanthropy by now but nope!

However here is a red book on lycanthropy that Amazon has to offer which you could read instead (click the thumbnail).

red book