Season Three Spoiler Overview


(Note: spoilers may appear twice if they apply to other categories. i.e. characters and relationships :)


New York ComicCon (October 2012)

Jeff answers questions on Tumblr #1 (19th February 2013)

Jeff answers questions on Tumblr #2 (8th March 2013)

WonderCon 2013 29th-31st March



Episode titles

This season focuses on the rising to and grasping of power [1]

The 24 episodes of season 2 is looked to as two parts [1]

Picks up 4 months from where season 2 left off [1]

Alpha have murdered people in human form [1]

Cross-country is the sport this season

Someone gets the bite but not in the way expected [1]

Stiles and Derek become allies this season [1][2]

We’ll learn about Scott’s father this season [1] [2]

Possibly learn more about Mama Stilinski [1] [2]

Alpha pack arc confined to first half of season [1]

Gerard is not dead. Whether he will return is a mystery [1]


Mystery of blue eyes in werewolves revealed in episode 8: Hale flashback. [1] | [2]

We’ll find out why some werewolves go full wolf while others only go half [1]

We’ll find out more about werewolf mythology/origins in (3×08) the flashback episode [1]

The similarity between Derek’s tattoo and the Alpha packs symbol has a deeper meaning [1]

Introducing more mythical creatures definite possibility [1]

Episode Specific

3×01 – Tattoo – Jackson’s disappearance will be answered [1]

Isaac has his memories stolen, saved by a mysterious girl. [1] Scott gets tattoo.

3×02 – Chaos Rising – Peter makes a fabulous entrance

3×03 – Fireflies – Derek and Scott work together [1]

3×04 – Unleashed

3×05 – Frayed

3×06 – Motel California – Emotional scene in hotel room between Scott and Stiles – real tears on set.  [1]. Dylan helped write the script [1].

3×07 – Currents

3×08 – ?  Flashback episode. Blue eyes revealed. Find out more on werewolf mythology and/or origins. Peter had a dark past.

3×09 – The Girl Who Knew Too Much – Scene between Scott & Lydia that cements their relationship [1]. Weird jars are props.

3×10 – ?

3×11 – Alpha Pact – 



  • We may see Scott struggle with his instincts [1]
  • Rides a motorcycle this season! [1]


  • Stiles turns investigator [1]
  • Struggles on keeping the secret from his dad and whether to tell him [1]
  • Stiles being bi-sexual is spoiler territory [1]
  • Stiles has a scene at a birthday with a crush [1]


  • Derek and Stiles have few scenes in the first half of season 3 [1]
  • We might see Derek fall but helped back up again by people around him [1]
  • Derek’s new loft


  • Isaac has his memories stolen [1]


  • Hints to Boyd once having sisters [1]
  • An unlikely friendship is formed between Allison & Boyd [1]


  • Has a few scenes with Scott but otherwise staying away
  • Her and Chris are taking a step back from hunting
  • Redemption arc for Allison


  • Peter had a dark past which we’ll find more about in 3×08 [1]
  • Peter is an ally this season [1]


  • Lydia is a big part of the mythology this season [1]
  • More of Lydia’s special abilities will be revealed [1]
  • Lydia will be part of Scott’s pack [1]
  • Lydia may have a new love interest [1]
  • Lydia’s sister will be introduced in S3 [1]


  • Danny’s surname has linked to the moon [1]
  • Danny has a romance with one (or both ;)) of the Alpha twins [1]


  • Melissa will help in unexpected ways [1]
  • Melissa may be in danger in the second half of season [1]

Sheriff Stilinksi:

Going through some “crazy stuff” [1]


  • Deucalion
    • Alpha pack leader
  • Aiden & Ethan
  • Kali
  • Ennis



Scott and Stiles not in many scenes together in first half of season three [1]

Bromance triangle between Isaac/Scott/Stiles [1]

Stiles will have a platonic relationship with Lydia [1][2]

We’ll see Scott & Allison coming together in some ways but not in others [1]

  • An unlikely friendship is formed between Allison & Boyd [1]

Boyd and Isaac’s allegiance to Derek will be tested [1]

Hints to Boyd once having sisters [1]

Lydia’s sister will be introduced in S3 [1]


Danny has a romance with one (or both ;)) of the Alpha twins [1]

Lydia may have a new love interest [1]

Stiles has a scene at a birthday with a crush [1]