Jeff answers questions on Tumblr #2

On the 8th March 2013, Jeff took some time out of his busy writing schedule to answer fan questions. Here are the spoilery questions and answers. (All the ones asking for hugs and saying hi have been excluded.)

– Stiles and Derek become allies this season

We’ll find out more about werewolf mythology and/or origins in (3×08) the flashback episode 

– Peter had a dark past which we’ll learn more about in (3×08) the flashback episode

– More mythical creatures are a definite possibility; Jeff would like to peruse through the bestiary

Boyd and Isaac’s role in season 3 will see their allegiance to Derek tested

Speaking of Boyd, Jeff hinted that he might have had sisters – past tense

We may see Scott struggle with his instincts

– Someone gets the bite, but not in a way expected

Danny’s surname has links to the moon. (I was shocked when I heard this)

– We will finally learn more about Scott’s father later this season

 We may soon learn about Mrs. Stilinski’s story